• djay Pro AI 4 v4.0.2 macOS
    June 21st, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

    djay Pro AI 4 v4.0 macOS

    djay Pro AI 4 v4.0.2 macOS

    HCiSO/TNT | 21 June 2022 | 265MB

    djay – DJ App & AI Mixer

    djay Pro AI for Mac Released With Support for M1 Chip

    djay Pro AI allows users to separate vocals and instrumentals in real-time, as well as crossfade between individual components of two songs independently. This allows for impressive remixing capabilities as DJs can easily swap bass lines or melodies of two songs while their keys and beats are automatically matched. The “Neural Mix” feature can isolate beats, instruments, and vocals of any track. Using the M1, djay Pro AI offers Mac users 15 times faster machine learning performance, resulting in ultra-low latency and enhanced precision for live DJ mixes. djay Pro AI contains an extensive library of samples, loops, and audio effects, Neural Mix channel configurations and looping, music production tools, video mixing, integration with streaming services and hardware controllers, and more. It also replaces Neural Mix Pro for Mac with a single app to unify djay across macOS and iOS devices.

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    • JUPiTER-8 v1.1.1 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
      June 20th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: AU, macOS, U2B, VST3, x64

      JUPiTER-8 v1.1.1 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

      JUPiTER-8 v1.1.1 U2B macOS

      TRAZOR | 20 June 2022 | 28.1 MB


      Released in 1981, the JUPITER-8 is one of the most celebrated and sought-after polysynths of all time. This meticulous plug-in reproduction is accurate down to the circuit level, while also enhancing the original spec with modern features.

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      • JUPiTER-4 v1.0.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
        June 20th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: AU, macOS, U2B, VST3, x64

        JUPiTER-4 v1.0.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

        JUPiTER-4 v1.0.0 U2B macOS

        TRAZOR | 19 June 2022 | 33.8 MB

        The original JUPITER synthesizer, reborn.

        The JUPITER-4 Software Synthesizer is an authentic recreation of the first synthesizer to carry the iconic JUPITER name. Introduced in 1978, the JUPITER-4 kicked off the storied legacy analog polysynths and sounds exactly like you’d expect—warm, fat, and evocative of synth pop, new wave, and other emerging styles of the era. Now you can have this analog classic in your own productions and performances, complete with modern enhancements that take its creative capabilities further than ever.

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        • JUNO-60 CHORUS v1.0.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
          June 19th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: AU, macOS, U2B, VST3, x64

          JUNO-60 CHORUS v1.0.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

          JUNO-60 CHORUS v1 macOS

          TRAZOR | 19 June 2022 | 26.6 MB

          Genuine recreation of the classic stereo chorus effect from the JUNO-60 analog synth. JUNO-60 is a shining star in the vintage synth universe, heard on generations of famous tracks and still loved by musicians and producers today. A huge slice of its timeless magic comes from an analog stereo chorus effect that imparts so much richness and character that players rarely turn it off. With the JUNO-60 Chorus plug-in, you can now infuse any DAW track with the evocative color of this iconic ’80s effect.

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          • Ableton Live 11 Suite v11.1.6 U2B INTEL macOS-HCiSO
            June 17th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

            Ableton Live 11 Suite v11.1.6 U2B INTEL macOS-HCiSO

            Ableton Live Suite v11.1.6 macOS

            Team HCiSO | 17 June 2022 | U2B: 2.90GB | iNTEL: 2.49GB

            Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, seamlessly built in.

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            • Sinevibes Collection v2022.06.02 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
              June 15th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: AU, macOS, U2B, VST3, x64

              Sinevibes Collection v2022.06.02 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

              Sinevibes Bundle v2022 MAC

              TRAZOR | 16 June 2022 | 47.8 MB

              Founded in 2006, Sinevibes specializes in designing and building innovative music software. The company strives to create original products that deliver unique new sound technologies while at the same time being extremely intuitive and easy to use. Sinevibes is also actively collaborating with other highly respected brands and its developments can be found in multiple well-known hardware and software products – including those made by Dreadbox, KORG, Native Instruments, Output, Roland, Spectrasonics to name but a few.

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              • K7D v1.2.6 Tape Delay U2B macOS-TRAZOR
                June 14th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: AU, macOS, U2B, VST

                K7D v1.2.6 Tape Delay U2B macOS-TRAZOR

                K7D Tape Delay v1.2.6 MAC

                TRAZOR | 14 June 2022 | 78.9 MB

                PLATFORM: AU, VST

                A Vintage Soul with a Futuristic Mind

                K7D is a powerful and affordable, vintage tape delay effect plugin for both desktop and iOS. K7D recreates the hardware echo machines of the past using Imaginando’s signature style of obsessive analog emulation, but with an enhanced level of control from a sleek, modern interface. Using this approach allows a whole new world of creative possibilities, while still retaining a warm, full-bodied analog sound, bursting with character and personality.

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