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  • Schema Dark KONTAKT-MaGeSY

    Schema: Dark KONTAKT

    P2P | 01 June 2024 | 1.86 GB

    Deep, dark patterns and pulses

    For some stories, only the darkest sounds will suffice. Pairing the all-new SCHEMA Engine with a far-reaching array of the deepest, heaviest, and most twisted sound design imaginable, SCHEMA: DARK propels your sonic narrative to unfathomed depths.

    Viewed 30448 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Action Woodwinds v1.0.0 KONTAKT-MaGeSY

    Action Woodwinds v1.0.0 KONTAKT

    HiDERA | 31 May 2024 | 20.5 GB

    Ready for on-screen action

    Action Woodwinds provides the lively sound of a full woodwind ensemble, coupled with unparalleled creative flexibility. Craft thrilling moments with an extensive collection of innovative orchestral phrases, each brimming with drama, tension, and impact. The intuitive engine streamlines your process, whether you’re building blockbuster cues, fantasy soundtracks, or action-packed trailers.

    Viewed 92118 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Rinascimento v1.1 KONTAKT-DECiBEL

    Rinascimento v1.1 KONTAKT

    Team DECiBEL | 12 April 2020 | 29.03 GB

    Rinascimento is a library for Kontakt 5 which includes 36 instruments from the Medieval and the Renaissance Eras. Rinascimento features 3 bowed string instruments, 2 brass instruments, 8 reed instruments, 5 recorders of different sizes, 2 other kind of flutes, 7 kind of lute instruments (with a auto-strumming engine), 5 percussion, harpsichord, virginal, a positive organ and a complete organ with 10 registers. Two years ago. It was September and we wanted to tell another story. Or we’d better say a fairy tale, a legend? Let’s take it from afar. Hic sunt leones – literally “here are the lions” – the Romans were saying in reference to the mysterious and unknown African continent. This old saying became common for all the unexplored parts of the empire. That was exactly what we were looking for: leones. We felt excited by the idea of exploring an uncharted territory in search of new wild beasts to tame and Gallichon, Crumhorn or Theorbo were just some of the fearsome predators we were eager to face. We had heard about La Rossignol, a group of italian players specialized in Renaissance Music. After a brief research and some phone calls we managed to meet Domenico, the chief organizer of the ensemble and one of its lutists. In our preliminary mindset, Renaissance Music players were still living with ruff between the drapes, pontificating on philosophical subjects at the candlelight. Therefore, we were quite surprised – but somewhat disappointed – to find out that even Domenico was looking for a good Sample Library to make his… Renaissance mock-ups! Further, we found that his “chase” was more than reasonable, since just few of the vast Renaissance repertoire has been sampled and mock-ups may prove to be a valuable tool to give new life to virgin scores as well as for unspoiled scores of Virginal.

    Viewed 4493 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Ensemblia 2 Orchestral KONTAKT

    Ensemblia 2 Orchestral KONTAKT

    P2P | 27.02.2019 | 3.82 GB

    Ensemblia 2.0 – Less update, more evolution

    We don ́t see Ensemblia 2 as an update – we like to call it evolution! Ensemblia 2 was mainly rebuilt from scratch – we have written a complete new script with new features but also have included some parts of the old scripts such as the voicing engine. The Design of the new 2.0 version now features a completely new interface. Everything looks very noble and is very clear. The Mixer now gives every separate instrument a wealth of sound shaping tools. It’s amazing how far the sound can be pushed to each individual instrument as well as to the master. An absolute unique feature is the 3D Panning. The Instrument amount has increased a lot. Beside upgrading the string section with triples, Ensemblia 2 Orchestral is packed with many new instruments such as saxophones, bass clarinet, trombones, electric guitar and flutes – but also many instruments of our current shop are included. All in all Ensemblia 2 Orchestral now provides more than 80 instruments! (see below). The instruments are well organized available by categories and groups which are displayed dynamically. All the instruments are right at the finger-tips.

    Viewed 2643 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • image

    Ostinato Brass KONTAKT


    Ostinato Brass, a perpetual cinematic orchestral brass instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player. Ostinato Brass is a phrase library for complex brass chords. Ostinato Strings was met with great acclaim both for the sound and the flexibility of the chord system, so we couldn’t resist following it up with a brass section using the Ostinato engine and with the same intuitive features. We returned to the great recording space we employed for other orchestral libraries and gathered a selection of some of the greatest (and most precise) brass players to perform for us.

    Viewed 1844 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Solo Woodwinds Bundle KONTAKT

    Solo Woodwinds Bundle KONTAKT

    P2P | 18.11.2018 | 22.34 GB

    The Ultimate Woodwind Sample Library, with Legato That Can Fool Even a Trained Ear 46.2GB of Astounding Quality Content – Multiple Legato Layers at Multiple Dynamics, Play any Trill up to Seven Notes Apart and Even Control the Level of True Mechanical Noise Heard from the Instruments. After much recording, production, tireless testing, re-testing and finally refining the end result, we are very happy to bring you the complete Master Solo Woodwinds bundle, which contains meticulously sampled solo flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet and bassoon sampled Kontakt instruments (will work in Kontakt 4 and all higher versions – but not the free Kontakt “player”).

    Viewed 1855 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Prodigious: Orchestral Engine AU VST3 WiN MAC

    Prodigious Orchestral Engine

    P2P | 14.02.2023 | 1.76 GB

    Each of these sections hosts the ability to edit instruments individually as well as a group. Manipulate the section & instruments Dimension, Envelope, Gain, Filter & more. This is the basis of any sound sculpting & alone gives you incredible power over your Orchestra. But thats not all… You also have the ability to change each section from “Solo Instruments” to “Ensemble Instruments” giving you and even wider dinamic range and more powerful sound. Each instrument ensemble has 4 total instruments. For Example, the Violin Ensemble has 4 Total Violins playing at the same time. This means you could have a total of 64 Instrument Voices in your Orchestra! Prodigious is a serious and in-depth Orchestral Rompler that gives you the freedom to be creative. 32 Total Sampled Instruments give you goosebumps as you steam through Chilling Strings, Brash Brass, Eerie Woodwinds & Tainted Vocals. Choose from 1 of 75 stock presets or cast as spell and create your very own dark orchestra, YOU’RE THE CONDUCTOR NOW!

    Viewed 1107 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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