• Scanner Vibrato v1.2.0 VST2 x86 x64 WiN-TCD

    Scanner Vibrato v1.3.0 WiN

    TCD | 29 August 2023 | 12.6 MB

    Scanner Vibrato is a virtual effect plug-in that aims to recreate the scanner-vibrato effect from a well-known tonewheel organ. The original scanner-vibrato was developed in the 1940s, and was an analog, electromechanical device, consisting of an analog delay line and a mechanical rotor (“scanner”). The rotor was driven by the organ’s internal motor, and therefore its rate was fixed at about 6.9 Hz. The original scanner-vibrato could produce both chorus and vibrato effects, and it offered three depth presets. Read more about the history of the Scanner Vibrato.

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  • Electric Sunburst Deluxe v1.1.0 KONTAKT

    Electric Sunburst Deluxe v1.1.0 KONTAKT

    FANTASTiC | 28 February 2024 | 6.26 GB


    ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE is a powerful, expanded version of the hugely popular ELECTRIC SUNBURST. This DELUXE instrument draws from the same meticulously captured iconic electric guitar and adds a wealth of user-requested features, including a second instrument for melodic playing, more patterns, enhanced performance controls, and new effects. With a fully versatile instrument, you can produce authentic, finished tracks for any modern production effortlessly.

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    ZENOLOGY FX v1.5.3 U2B macOS

    TEAM HCiSO | 26 February 2024 | 57.97 MB

    Sweeten your sound

    For nearly fifty years, Roland has delivered memorable, genre-defining sounds. And a big part of that sonic footprint is our unique approach to effects processing. The swirling JUNO chorus, feedback-drenched tape echo, and other sounds have left their mark on countless tracks over the decades—and with ZENOLOGY FX, you can now add that flavor to any keyboard sound or instrument track right inside your DAW.

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  • TAL-Pha v1.1.2 U2B macOS-MORiA-MaGeSY

    TAL-Pha v1.1.2 macOS

    MORiA | 28 February 2024 | 22.1MB


    TAL-Pha is an instrument plug-in that emulates the sound of the analog 80’s synthesizer Alpha Juno II (MKS-50 is the rack version). The plug-in produces the classic analog sound, combined with modern flexibility and many additional functions. The plug-in can read and convert sysex information from the hardware and can also be used as a controller.

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  • Colorsound Tremolo v1.2.0 VST2 CLAP x86 x64 WiN-TCD

    Colorsound Tremolo v1.2.0 VST2 WiN

    TCD | 29 August 2023 | 15.11 MB

    The Colorsound Tremolo AU/VST plugin, tested and authorized by Macaris, recreates the famous Colorsound Tremolo effect pedal used by Green Day, Joe Bonamassa, and Phil Manzanera among other well known guitar players. The Colorsound Tremolo was created using our trademarked ACE modelling technique to bring precise recreations of both the 1974 and 1996 models into modern DAW applications. With the added capabilities of stereo and tempo sync, it’s the new “go to” tremolo effect plugin for achieving that sweet vintage vibe on any audio track! Includes recreations of both the 1974 and 1996 version of the original pedal.

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    ZENOLOGY Pro Collection v2.0.2 macOS

    TEAM HCiSO | 28 February 2024 | 1.78 GB

    ZENOLOGY Pro is an expandable plug-in version of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. ZEN-Core is based on discrete synth voices—each containing a flexible oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual LFOs, and effects. It mixes multiple synthesis types, combining vintage oscillators and filters with PCM waves capable of sync and cross modulation. Layer up to four voices in a single tone for rich, complex sounds, both classic and modern. ZEN-Core is our most advanced sound engine, powering professional synthesizers like JUPITER-X and FANTOM. With our ZENOLOGY Pro Collection, you get our flagship plug-in, as well as five Model Expansions that recreate iconic instruments.

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