• Lan Audio Monitor Playing End v3.0 WiN-RED-MaGeSY

    Monitor Playing End v3.0 WiN

    TEAM RED | 24 June 2022 | 1 MB

    LAN Audio Monitor – Voice Over LAN Software. The software transmit the sound which is played on a computer to another computer in real time, and play it synchronously. It also Transmit the sound around the microphone to another computer in real time. In another word, with this software, you can monitor the sound which is played on another computer in your LAN. Also you can set it to monitor the sound around the microphone which is placed on another computer.

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  • PolyVibe v1.0 WiN-ARTiCSTORM

    PolyVibe v1.0 WiN

    ARTiCSTORM | 22 July 2022 | 252 MB

    ..:: AAX, VST, VST3, x86, x64 ::..

    PolyVibe is a complete re-creation of vintage “vibe” pedals, based on original designs and taking them several steps further for the 21st century. Like the original “Uni-Vibe” pedal (a registered trademark of Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.) played by Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Robin Trower and many others, the PolyVibe plug-in gives you access to a wide range of vintage “vibe” tones, and actually much more! Using the original filters designs as a starting point, the plug-in lets you control their shape and motion in details to create new modulation effects, with two extra modes. It can also produce stereo vibe effects, while most pedals are still limited to mono these days.

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  • Atmozfears Masterclass TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

    Atmozfears Masterclass

    FANTASTiC | 21 August 2022 | 5.5 GB

    DAW: FL Studio | Language: English

    In this 3+ hour Masterclass you will sit in the studio next to Atmozfears and have him explain to you exactly how he approaches music production. This class is special because he focuses on building a new track from scratch showing you every step of the process of doing this. Starting with a vocal, writing the song, making the buildup going into the drop. And we have already heard this new track is going to be a real banger. Additionally Tim will show you how he builds Kicks from scratch, build Screeches, makes and choses the right leads and other sounds. He will walk you through how he made his tracks “RELEASE”, “THE FINAL MISSION” and “REAWAKENING” covering all important topics that made those tracks.

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  • FTWN 212 D120 IR WAV

    FTWN 212 D120 IR

    P2P | 21 August 2022 | 39 MB

    The FTWN 212 D120 Cab Pack is based on a 1971 “Silverface” Fender Twin Reverb 2×12 combo amplifier loaded with the original JBL D120F speakers. The tone is stunning with a warm low end, a complex and slightly scooped yet articulate midrange, and a beautifully clear top end with nice “air” due to the speaker’s aluminum dust caps for added string separation and clarity. This cabinet sounds fantastic with a wide variety of guitars and pickup configurations and is a truly special and unique tone monster. This Impulse Response pack includes 119 Single Mic IRs captured with eleven hand-selected microphones and features 19 of York Audio’s famous multi-mic Mixes designed to give you great results with minimal tweaking for a total of 138 IRs.

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  • Swanky Amp Pro v1.3.0 WiN-MOCHA-MaGeSY

    Swanky Amp Pro v1.3.0 WiN

    MOCHA | 21 August 2022 | 4.99 MB

    ..:: STANDALONE, VST3, x64 ::..

    Swanky Amp Pro is guitar amplifier emulation plug-in which offers a broad range of tones based off a detailed tube model with life-like dynamics, all in a seamless workflow. It’s never been easier to get a recording-ready guitar tone tailored to your playing style. Swanky Amp Pro’s unique circuit allows for deep customization, ranging from clean vintage tones to heavy distortion. Swanky Amp Pro adds a layer of nuanced dynamism to your playing thanks to its detailed tube simulations.

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