• GainMatch v1.413 WiN MAC-R2R
    February 27th, 2024 ⚡MaGeSY®

    GainMatch v1.413 WiN MAC-R2R

    GainMatch v1.413 WiN MAC

    Team R2R | 14 July 2023 | WiN: 11.3 MB | MAC: 39.9 MB


    This tool was designed to make gain matching easy and fast!

    Have you ever seen a plugin that sounds so much better when you put it on? And later discovered that it just adds 1 dB of gain on everything? Or maybe a new compressor, that has a fixed 2dB steps output knob? So that comparing before and after is a pain? Or maybe a saturation plugin with no output gain, so that it’s almost unusable? Decide if it’s better, not louder, in a moment! GainMatch is an affordable and easy to use tool that we think everyone should have in their arsenal.

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  • Extreme Modular: Environments KONTAKT

    Extreme Modular: Environments

    P2P | 30 April 2023 | 842 MB

    Unique 3-channel sample player & sound design tool from Si Begg, based entirely on modular sources EXTREME MODULAR ENVIRONMENTS is an amazing and unique sound design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create dense and complex ambiences based on modular sources, ranging from musical pads through to extreme sounds to give you almost limitless sound design capabilities. Many of the sounds are from the creator Si Begg’s personal library of sounds and have been used in trailers, scores, and other compositions. The sounds used were intended for use in a wide variety of projects, but broadly speaking they are particularly suited to cinematic or experimental music where you need something atmospheric, rich and with a contemporary feel. At its heart, EXTREME MODULAR ENVIRONMENTS is a 3-channel sample player, with each playing a sound and with its own set of dedicated effects. For each channel you can control the pitch, Sample Start point, amplitude / filter envelopes, saturation and reverb send. All three channels are then mixed together and put through master high pass and low pass filters, then finally a limiter.

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  • MetaPlugin 4 v4.3.1 x64 WiN-MOCHA
    February 27th, 2024 ⚡MaGeSY®

    MetaPlugin 4 v4.3.1 x64 WiN-MOCHA-MaGeSY

    MetaPlugin 4 v4.3.1 WiN

    MOCHA | 28 December 2023 | 7.7 MB

    PLATFORM : WiN32/64 – VST2/VST3

    What is it? Metaplugin is a plugin that loads other plugins. As simple as that. Build your own effect networks with this plugin wrapper using any VST/VST3 (and AU, if you’re on Mac) effect you already have on your harddisk. To get you started, a Mid-Side matrix, a fourband crossover filter and a routing plugin are included in the package. This means instant cross-track routing, mid-side, multiband compression/distortion/reverb/… you name it. Of course that’s only the beginning… let your imagination run free, nothing is impossible, from creating your own layered synth sounds to building whole sound generators from scratch using simple modules.

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  • Happy Hardcore Multiformat Fantastic Magesy

    Happy Hardcore 😊

    FANTASTiC | 14 July 2023 | 1.32 GB

    Singomakers have been in love with happy hardcore raves since the late ’90s. Our favourite happy hardcore pioneers are Paul Elstak, Dune, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Blümchen, and of course Scooter! We also love a lot of second-wave happy hardcore producers such as Scott Brown, Darren Styles, Hixxy, Gammer, Dougal, Re-con, Breeze, Sy, Unknown, TNT, and Timmy Trumpet – taking inspiration from them when producing this hot new pack! Now we can even talk about the third wave of popularity this style has seen with the likes of Ben Nicky, Quickdrop, S3RL, Technikore, and Fracus & Darwin setting alive the night with pounding drops and dancefloor euphoria. Within this pack you can expect to find a huge 1.71 GB of content, including 24-bit samples set between 160-165 BPM – impactful synth drop loops, drum fill and loop variations, memorable up-tempo melody samples, MIDI files, both male and female vocals, SFX, and even sampler patches. Plus, as always from Singomakers – unlimited inspiration! Check out this energising demo track and grab your copy of Happy Hardcore today! We make the future – join us!

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