• dearVR MiX v1.12.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
    October 24th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
    Categories: AU, macOS, U2B, VST3

    dearVR MiX v1.12.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR-MaGeSY

    dearVR MiX v1.12.0 macOS

    TRAZOR | 17 November 2022 | 96.82 MB

    ..:: MaGeSY.BLOG EXCLUSiVE ::..

    Place yourself in the sweet spot of your ultimate mixing environment. dearVR MIX turns any studio headphones into a world-class stereo mix room with carefully designed acoustics – all through advanced spatial audio technology. Gain confidence monitoring your session in multiple virtual reference rooms and mix with your professional studio headphones, relying on Dear Reality’s Spatial Headphone Compensation.

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    • Dubler 2 v2.1.2 macOS-TRAZOR
      October 20th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: AU, Audio Software, macOS, VST3

      Dubler 2 V2.1.2 Macos Trazor Magesy

      Dubler 2 v2.1.2 macOS

      TRAZOR | MaGeSY EXCLUSiVE | 47.04 MB

      ….: STANDALONE, AU, VST3 :….

      Dubler 2 is a game-changing standalone desktop app that allows you to turn your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument you’ve used since birth— the voice. Perfect for any level of producer or musician, our voice-to-MIDI technology allows you to vocally lay down beats and melodies without even touching a keyboard. It also allows you to generate advanced chords and control effects and parameters vocally for unbelievable expressive control. Use Any Dynamic Microphone: Calibration makes Dubler 2 compatible with your preferred mic.

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