• WaveLab Cast EXPLAiNED®
    September 23rd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    WaveLab Cast EXPLAiNED®

    HiDERA | 01 January 2022 | 243 MB

    ..:: HAPPY NEW YEAR ::..

    Studio wiz presents comprehensive Steinberg WaveLab Cast video tutorials! If you’re ready to take advantage of WaveLab Cast’s impressive set of audio tools for your podcast or YouTube videos, this is the course for you. Gary takes you through every aspect of this powerful plugin – from understanding the interface to publishing your finished audio – with clear and informative demonstrations throughout. These videos are for new WaveLab Cast users. Gary welcomes you begins by showing you how to set up your audio interface for use with WaveLab Cast, followed by a quick tour of the plugin’s interface and workspace tabs. You’ll learn the difference between the two types of files used in WaveLab Cast – Audio Files and Audio Montages – what each is for, and how to load, save, and create them.

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    • Stem Mastering Piano House Explained TUTORiAL
      September 23rd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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      Stem Mastering Piano House Explained TUTORiAL

      Stem Mastering Piano House

      HiDERA | 23 September 2022 | 475 MB

      If you’re looking to improve the mastering of your piano house tracks, you should take a look at stem mastering. In this one-hour video course, Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe walks you through the process of mastering a piano house track from the beginning, allowing you to hear and see the benefits provided by using stems. Many of these same techniques and concepts can be applied to other genres as well. These videos are designed for beginning mastering engineers.

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      • Funk Bass Production Masterclass TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC
        September 23rd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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        Funk Bass Production Masterclass TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

        Funk Bass Production Masterclass

        FANTASTiC | 23 September 2022 | 1.29 GB

        Producing basslines with all the soulfulness and funk of a skilled bassist can be tricky without any knowledge of how to put them together. Understanding the theory and composition, as well as how to jam and perform with a keyboard, will transform the process into something that not only produces great results but is also a lot of fun! On this course from Jafunk, you’ll learn both the methodology behind playing basslines and the subsequent processing required to ensure the bass sounds professional and cuts through the mix. The first half of the 2-hour course is devoted to the theory and playing styles, broken down into easily digestible chunks to allow for easier absorbing and practicing of every technique. Lessons include tips for learning keys and scales, mastering intervals like octaves and fifths, with chromatic inflections, pitch bends and slides, chords and key modulation, and lots more.

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        • Acoustic Guitar Advanced Level TUTORiAL
          September 23rd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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          Acoustic Guitar Advanced Level TUTORiAL

          Acoustic Guitar Advanced Level

          P2P | 23 September 2022 | 6.44 GB

          Hey everyone! Now that I’ve finished a course for beginner guitarists, I thought I’ll do one for the next level from there. Even if you’ve not done that beginner course, no problem, you’ll still learn a lot from this course. Here you’ll learn some advanced concepts on the guitar that are usually a challenge for beginner guitarists. You’ll understand how to learn scales, chords, rhythms, using capo, transposing songs and much more which will make your playing so much more easier and practical. So in case you’re in a situation when you’re playing live, these things will help you adjust and adapt to the moment. By the end of this course you should be able to get your fingers moving efficiently for soloing, playing songs with ease and understand the chord relationships with these easy methods. Hope you enjoy learning from this course, take your time, don’t rush, don’t expect anything fast. Focus on practicing everyday and you’ll be good! All the best and keep practicing!

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          • From Samples to Songs TUTORiAL
            September 22nd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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            From Samples to Songs TUTORiAL

            From Samples to Songs TUTORiAL

            P2P | 22 September 2022 | 9.91 GB

            When he first hit the scene with his acclaimed 2002 album Deadringer, sampling artist and innovator RJD2 proved that it was possible to make infectious instrumental hip-hop beats for a wide audience without the need for a singer or MC. Since then, he’s taken on one creative challenge after another, from composing the TV theme music for Mad Men to collaborating with vocalists and rappers, and taking the art of sampling to new heights. In this exclusive online course, you’ll learn from RJ himself how to write and arrange music drawing on the power of sampling records and a collage-based mindset. He will show you how he personally tackles new tracks with his trusty MPC, and he’ll open up sessions from some of his classic tracks to show how they were made. You’ll learn new approaches to sampling, songwriting, and arranging, and how to make instrumental beats that capture someone’s attention from start to finish. Along the way, RJ will share with you his wisdom, perspectives, and advice for fulfilling your creative dreams.

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            • Mixing With Gates TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC
              September 22nd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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              Mixing With Gates TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

              Mixing With Gates TUTORiAL

              FANTASTiC | 22 September 2022 | 114 MB

              A deep dive into all aspects of using gates including traditional gate usage, sidechain inputs to greatly improve gate accuracy, when to use expansion rather than gating, using MIDI and key spikes and more.

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              • PC Build For Music TUTORiAL-HiDERA
                September 21st, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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                PC Build For Music TUTORiAL-HiDERA

                PC Build For Music TUTORiAL

                HiDERA | 29 April 2022 | 2.38 GB

                We’ve all been there at some point while working on a track – the CPU meter spikes and panic sets in. Is it time for a new computer? Well, if you’re considering going down the route of building your own PC specifically for audio, we’ve got you covered as Nate aka Protoculture is doing exactly that in this new 14 part course. Obviously, there is a multitude of options when it comes to building your own PC, but in this detailed course, Nate explains what to look out for when choosing your components along with best practices when building your machine. We also look at running system checks, how to install the operating system itself and then optimising this for audio production before running some benchmark tests and getting some useful apps that’ll help streamline your workflow. He even wades into the age-old debate of Mac vs PC….brave man!

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