• Electron Smasher MULTiFORMAT DVDR-AiRiSO
    December 13th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
    Categories: ACiD, AiFF, Audio Samples, REX2, RMX, WAV

    Electron Smasher MULTiFORMAT DVDR-AiRiSO

    Electron Smasher

    TEAM AiRiSO | 06/2009 | 2.27 GB

    .: ACiD/WAV, REX2, AiFF :.

    Twisty downtempo, Fatboy-style breakbeat, west coast breaks, even drum n bass…if your beat is broken, The Electron Smasher crushes it to pieces. It contains nearly 600 loops, and over 100 drum loop construction kits, so you’ve got tons of variations. And you can mix it up and layer, build up and break down, stretch your tracks to the breaking point and then some. You also get a great assortment of drone-y, ambient, textural loops to give your tracks that thick underpinning they need. With Electron Smasher, none of the pointy edges have been sanded down! When it’s crunch time, throw some of these beats into your mix and watch your track grind its way to the top. Dare we say it, but it might just become a breakbeat “smash” hit!.

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    • Hybridizer 3 MULTiFORMAT
      December 13th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

      Hybridizer 3 MULTiFORMAT

      Hybridizer 3 MULTiFORMAT

      TEAM AiRiSO | 10/2007 | 4.68 GB

      Bunker 8 Digital Labs once again returns to places that most fear to tread with Hybridizer 3. Thousands of “hybridized” sample fanatics around the world demanded it and ‘The Bunks’ delivered…7.4 GB! Over 8,300 pieces of sonic menance await your command, 200% bigger than any previous release done by Bunker 8 Digital Labs. For the first time ever, Bunker 8 Digital Labs is supplying the Hybridizer in both Apple Loops/Acidized Wav file format. Gnashing guitar venoms, cold soldered percussives, cyphersonic orchestrations- this collection knows no sympathy. For those who like to inject their own viruses into their compositional veins, Bunker 8 has upped multiple format support. REX2, Kontakt 2, Battery 2, NN19, Redrum, and the possibilities are endless.

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      • XLN Audio ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes HYBRiD CD-AiRiSO

        XLN Audio ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes HYBRiD CD-AiRiSO

        ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes

        TEAM AiRiSO | 01/2010 | 673.11 MB

        Few things are more alluring and seductive than the sound of drums played with brushes. If your music needs brushed drums, you need this kit. With brushes it’s all about the nuances and accents. Our RealSweep system lets you make realistic sweeps complete with accent strokes and lifelike stops resulting in the most irresistible grooves! Production-ready presets give you instant access to great sounds.

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        • Epic Drums KONTAKT AiFF DVDR-AiRiSO
          September 13th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: AiFF, Audio Samples, KONTAKT

          Epic Drums KONTAKT AiFF DVDR-AiRiSO

          Epic Drums KONTAKT AiFF

          Team AiRiSO | 09/2009 | 1.95 GB

          A collection of high-energy, cinematic drum and rhythm beds expertly played by top-notch percussionists and organized into 40 construction kits (more than two and a half gigabytes of WAV files). Each kit features multiple loops and extended performances, employing an array of percussive instruments from Japanese taikos to ethnic drums, orchestral percussion, massive toms, field snares, metals, effect percussion, and a lot more. An essential tool for producers, composers, and sound designers, EPIC DRUMS is an ideal way to add percussive impact to your musical creations at an affordable price.

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          • Drumcore Lonnie Pack 1 Country Drums DVDR-AiRiSO
            September 11th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: Audio Samples, Presets

            Drumcore Lonnie Pack 1 Country Drums DVDR-AiRiSO

            Drumcore Lonnie Pack 1 Country Drums

            Team AiRiSO | 08/2006 | 2.93 GB

            Award-winning country drums, right outta Nashville! Lonnie Wilson has won the Academy of Country Music’s “Drummer of the Year” award twice and Music Row Magazine’s “Top Studio Drummer” award four times. He has played on countless hits with artists that include Brooks and Dunn, Faith Hill, George Jones, Martina McBride, Rascal Flats, Randy Travis and Waylon Jennings. He’s played on 19 No. 1 singles for Tim McGraw alone!

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            • Drumcore 2.0 HYBRiD DVDR-AiRiSO
              September 9th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

              Drumcore 2.0 HYBRiD DVDR-AiRiSO

              Drumcore 2.0 HYBRiD DVDR

              TEAM AiR | 10/2006 | D1: 3.22 GB | D2: 2.84 GB

              DrumCore playback to the tempo of any ReWire host. DrumCore 2 syncs to the tempo of any ReWire host application with up to three decimal places of accuracy 121.058 bpm. Get real drummer feel at multiple bpms plus the “in-between” tempos.

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              • Miroslav Philharmonik Classic Edition AU VST VSTi RTAS HYBRiD DVDR-AiRISO
                July 4th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

                Miroslav Philharmonik Classic Edition AU VST VSTi RTAS HYBRiD DVDR-AiRISO

                Miroslav Philharmonik Classic Edition

                TEAM AiRiSO | 06/2007 | WiN MAC: (HYBRiD) 838.19 MB

                AU, VST, VSTi, RTAS, HYBRiD, DVDR

                IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality acquired the Miroslav Orchestral Sample Library, including the complete legendary Miroslav Orchestral and Choir sample collection, as well as a vast unreleased high resolution archive of orchestral and vocal samples. Miroslav Philharmonik is a powerful integrated Orchestral Workstation plug-in combining the Miroslav Orchestral and Choir sample collection masterpieces with a dedicated plug-in instrument specifically tailored toward classical sounds and arrangements.

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