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    SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 02 2014 | 1.23 GB

    ELEKTRONO is the first expansion for / powered by SHORTNOISE 2.

    It comes with an amazing 2 GB library and more than 150 instruments, geared towards electronic music makers, producers and dj´s. All instruments are roaylty-free and can be used within any production aspect. (music production, songwriting,trailers and so on…) It features all that modern electronic sounds, that can be tweaked using a lots of effects, the sequencer or arpeggiators and more. Many instruments in ELEKTRONO have a “tone” dial, which lets you choose one of 32 different waveforms!

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  • Battle Of The Mini Synths KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

    Battle Of The Mini Synths KONTAKT

    SYNTHiC4TE | 25 September 2016 | 1.29 GB

    Battle of the Mini Synths, a Kontakt instrument featuring the sounds of a collection of portable synths and toy keyboards. Collection a number of mini synths over the years. He loves the unique sound of them, but using the synths in the studio can be unpractical for various reasons. Since I really wanted to use these sounds in a more efficient way in the studio, I started 6 years ago to sample them in great detail and recreate some favourite patches in Kontakt. I recently acquired a couple of new mini synths, and designed a practical Kontakt skin with presets and effects that could be used for all these keyboards.

    Viewed 2804 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Alive Cymbals v1.5 KONTAKT
    May 19th, 2024 ⚡

    Alive Cymbals v1.5 KONTAKT-MaGeSY

    Alive Cymbals v1.5 KONTAKT

    SYNTHiC4TE | 05 November 2013 | 647 MB

    Unleashing the Power of Alive Cymbals

    A Comprehensive Guide to Samples and Instruments. Introduction: Cymbals are an essential component of any drum set, providing the shimmering accents and explosive crashes that bring a beat to life. In recent years, the world of cymbals has been revolutionized by the introduction of Alive Cymbals – a groundbreaking technology that brings a new level of realism and dynamics to virtual drumming. In this article, we will explore the world of Alive Cymbals, from their origins and development to their use in modern music production. The Evolution of Alive Cymbals . Alive Cymbals are a type of virtual instrument that uses advanced sampling techniques to capture the rich, nuanced sound of real cymbals. Unlike traditional drum samples, which are often static and one-dimensional, Alive Cymbals are designed to replicate the complex interactions between a drummer and their cymbals. This includes factors such as the angle of the strike, the force of the hit, and the decay of the sound. The technology behind Alive Cymbals has its roots in the world of acoustic drumming. Drummers have long known that the cymbals are one of the most expressive parts of a drum set, capable of producing a wide range of tones and textures. However, capturing this complexity in a virtual instrument has always been a challenge – until now.

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  • BREAK DnB Masterclass TUTORiAL
    May 16th, 2024 ⚡

    BREAK DnB Masterclass TUTORiAL-MaGeSY

    BREAK DnB Masterclass TUTORiAL

    SYNTHiC4TE | 30 September 2014 | 1.52 GB

    Few people in the D&B scene garner as much respect and widespread appreciation as this top shelf producer does. Making relentlessly outstanding music over the last 14 years, releasing 240+ tracks on pretty much every big playing label, such as: Symmetry, Shogun, Ram, Metalheadz, No U-Turn, Soul:R, Critical and SO many more. The talk he delivered for us was simply inspirational and full of amazing ideas, we couldn’t be happier to be working with him, knowing you’ll love the journey Charlie takes you over this extra special 80 minutes. He looks at Drums, Bass, Mixing, Sampling, Editing, Processing techniques and effects chains… this is BREAK in detail and as you’ve never seen him before! World exclusive business.

    Viewed 2393 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Turntablism Skratching Essentials TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE-MaGeSY

    Skratching Essentials TUTORiAL

    SYNTHiC4TE | 03 November 2016 | 319 MB

    Turntablism is an art form. And to get good, you’ve got to learn the essential skratching techniques to become a skilled turntablist. So load up your decks, fire up your mixer, and learn to skratch with Sara Simms and deejay stutter! This turntablism course, created by DJ, performance artist and educator Sara Simms, is designed to get you started in the world of skratching. Sara and featured artist deejay stutter take you step-by-step through the equipment, setup and foundational skratching techniques that every turntablist has to know!

    Viewed 842 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Balalaika Prima KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE-MaGeSY

    Balalaika Prima KONTAKT

    SYNTHiC4TE | 09 November 2013 | 742 MB

    Russian Folk Series

    Balalaika – the renowned symbol of Russian culture beloved for generations is a stringed musical instrument with a characteristic triangular body and three strings. The most common solo form of the instrument is the prima, which is tuned E-E-A (thus the two lower strings are tuned to the same pitch). The strings on the modern balalaika are: first string (A) stainless steel with the second and third strings (E-E) nylon. Body sizes and neck lengths vary according to type and may have from sixteen to thirty-one frets.

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    KRock/SYNTHiC4TE | 09-06-2012 | FULL: 4.89 GB

    ……:::: ADDED TODAY VERSiON LiTE (1.48 GB) ::::……

    The Giant – a new piano virtual instrument: Sampled in amazing detail, THE GIANT is a unique instrument with an extremely strong low end, crystalline highs, rich overtones, plenty of punch, and a colossal sonic spectrum – from the devastating to the sublime. World’s biggest upright piano to deliver something even bigger: An intense, dynamic playing experience with a sound that’s nothing short of inspiring. From urban pop, film score pathos, soft piano ballads, driving rock riffs or dim jazzy timbres, the untreated sound of THE GIANT instantly satisfies – straight out of the box. Add detailed control options and a dark, cinematic version of the instrument, and THE GIANT’s distinctiveness is matched only by its versatility. Meet your new go-to piano for virtually any style.

    Viewed 3958 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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