• Addictive Drums ADpak Reel Machines-AiR
    September 28th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

    XLN Audio Addictive Drums ADpak Reel Machines Addon-AiR-MaGeSY

    Addictive Drums ADpak Reel Machines

    TEAM AiR | April 2011 | 400.03 MB


    Reel Machines is an electro injection for Addictive Drums featuring five full electronic kits from the eighties. All samples were recorded on analog tape using mint condition drum machines and modules.

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    • United Pop Addictive Drums 2 ADpak
      March 8th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

      United Pop Addictive Drums 2 ADpak

      United Pop Addictive Drums 2 ADpak

      P2P | 15.08.2016 | 612 MB

      Colorful and polished drums that POP!

      Pop songs. They’re polished. They’re colorful. Love them or hate them, you CAN’T GET ‘EM OUT OF YOUR HEAD! To record the ultimate pop kit, we went straight to the top: United Recording. This studio, formerly known as Ocean Way, has been the first choice for an insane number of chart toppers including: Beck, The Beach Boys, John Mayer, Madonna, No Doubt, Weezer, U2, and the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Now you can have that iconic Studio A sound in your music!

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      • XLN Audio Black Velvet ADpak-R2R
        December 31st, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

        XLN Audio Black Velvet ADpak-R2R

        XLN Audio Black Velvet ADpak

        Team R2R | 2013.09.14 | 512 MB

        The Black Velvet ADpak is the sound you always wished you could afford! A modern classic dressed in black captured with a large, epic sound. Created with the grunge/post-grunge era in mind, with roots in alternative rock transcending to an expensive arena rock-band sound, this takes you on a journey from Seattle to LA. This ADpak is made with the highest demands on everything throughout the whole recording chain, capturing the unmistakable raw attitude in a luxurious package.

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        • XLN Audio ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes HYBRiD CD-AiRiSO

          XLN Audio ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes HYBRiD CD-AiRiSO

          ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes

          TEAM AiRiSO | 01/2010 | 673.11 MB

          Few things are more alluring and seductive than the sound of drums played with brushes. If your music needs brushed drums, you need this kit. With brushes it’s all about the nuances and accents. Our RealSweep system lets you make realistic sweeps complete with accent strokes and lifelike stops resulting in the most irresistible grooves! Production-ready presets give you instant access to great sounds.

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          • XLN Audio ADpak Funk Hybrid-AiRiSO
            July 8th, 2016 ⚡MaGeSY®


            XLN Audio ADpak Funk HYBRiD

            TEAM AiRiSO | 03/2010 | 440 MB

            The Funk ADpak for Addictive Drums (this “ready to drum studio. It includes 3 complete sets, as well as lots of additional drums and cymbals. Semple contain all the nuances of the attacks: from the weakest to the strongest, as well as many options for strikes. All sampled sounds of drums / cymbals are recorded in a multi-channel microphone setup, the same as would have been recorded real drums), focusing on contemporary beats and sounds of funk music, sets the magnifying glass (grooves) and allows you to produce a hot funk music in the blink of an eye.
            Included brand new Pearl Reference Series Drumkit, full of plates and some drums, more than 400 MIDI-beats and loops. You can ascend from the scarcity of dry sound to the loud volume and only a few seconds. More than 3000 ready-made beats and fills in the style of Funk.

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