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  • Pro Audio Converter v1.9.2 macOS-TNT
    April 18th, 2024 ⚡
    Categories: Audio Software, macOS

    Pro Audio Converter v1.9.2 macOS-TNT

    Pro Audio Converter v1.9.2 MAC

    TNT | 16 January 2024 | 12 MB

    Pro Audio Converter – a powerful audio file converter for your Mac supports both multi-threading and batch conversion of files. as the application supports reading and writing of Metadata that will allow you to edit the tags during conversion. Editing of metadata without file conversion. The resulting files you can immediately add to your iTunes library.

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    • Audio Graffiti WAV-FANTASTiC
      April 15th, 2024 ⚡
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Audio Graffiti Wav Fantastic Magesy

      Audio Graffiti

      FANTASTiC | 17 August 2023 | 146.94 MB

      Graffiti artists strive to leave a strong impression with their art, and create something unique to themselves and anyone who comes into contact with it. An intimate portrait that represent life, love and personal influences. Often misunderstood my mainstream society, graffiti itself is a form of incredible self expression – something that each individual can use to express themselves. Political, personal, rebellious or simply visually marvelous. Who’s to say graffiti has to remain a visual only art form? Music is equally as expressive, personal and unique to the person creating it. It’s a way to express emotions and ideas. Sounds that capture moments of joy, misery and adventure. It’s an art form that is 100% free for the creator to do with as they please. Dance floor magic, street party beats, or broken atmospherics for smokey headphone sessions. Music, like graffiti, is a personal experience and absolutely free of any rules and restrictions.

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      • Sound Siphon v3.6.8 macOS-TNT
        April 14th, 2024 ⚡
        Categories: Audio Software, macOS

        Sound Siphon v3.6.6 macOS-TNT

        Sound Siphon v3.6.8 macOS

        TNT | 20 February 2024 | 18 MB

        Sound Siphon makes your Mac’s audio output available as an audio input device. It allows you to send audio from one application to another, where it can be processed, streamed, or recorded. It’s as simple as selecting a microphone in your favorite app. Sound Siphon works with Core Audio to provide this capability to all of your audio apps. Sound Siphon works with Core Audio to provide this capability to all of your audio apps. As such, it easily integrates into any existing audio-production environment.

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        • Audio Recorder Pro v12.2.0 WiN-RLTS
          April 13th, 2024 ⚡

          Audio Recorder Pro v12.0.0 WiN-RLTS Magesy

          Audio Recorder Pro v12.2.0 WiN

          TEAM RLTS | 13 January 2024 | 236 MB

          Audio Recorder Pro is a perfect audio recorder to record computer sounds and microphone to AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MKA, MP2, MP3, OGG, RA, VOC, WAV or WMA files on Windows 7/8. Recording the sound that goes through your audio card isn’t at all a difficult task, but Audio Recorder Pro promises to make everything a lot easier, even for those with no advanced computer knowledge. 1) Allows you to pre-define recording qualities to help quickly set and manage recording parameters. 2) Allows you to start and stop recoding automatically with built-in timer. 3) Support silence detection during audio recording. 4) Built-in advanced sound engine to produce high quality recording. 5) Allows you to preset your recording device before start record.

          Viewed 72946 By Music Producers.

          • Audio Hijack v4.4.0 macOS-TNT
            April 6th, 2024 ⚡
            Categories: APPS, Audio Software, macOS

            Audio Hijack v4.3.2 macOS-TNT

            Audio Hijack v4.4.0 MAC

            TNT | 06 April 2024 | 33 MB

            Record Any Audio

            Audio Hijack Pro drastically changes the way you use audio on your computer, giving you the freedom to listen to audio when you want and how you want. Record and enhance any audio with Audio Hijack Pro – it’s the cornerstone of your digital audio experience.Audio Hijack Pro will allow you to record any application’s audio, from internet streams to DVD audio and everywhere in between. If your machine can play it, Audio Hijack Pro can record it. And that’s not all – Audio Hijack Pro will also enhance any audio, unsing industry-standard VST and AudioUnit audio effects to make your music sound incredible. Record. Enhance. Enjoy!

            Viewed 78573 By Music Producers.

            • Artistry Audio Staccato KONTAKT
              March 19th, 2024 ⚡
              Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

              Staccato Kontakt Magesy

              Staccato KONTAKT

              P2P | 19 May 2023 | 2.28 GB


              Discover a whole new world of staccato synths. With a diverse collection of high-definition presets and the ability to sculpt unique plucks, keys, synths and more, Staccato is more than just a synth instrument. Embark on an extraordinary journey of musical discovery as you tap into the power of short synth motion.

              Viewed 53886 By Music Producers.

              • Audio Compression TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC
                March 18th, 2024 ⚡
                Categories: TUTORiALS

                Audio Compression TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

                Audio Compression The Complete Course

                FANTASTiC | 18 March 2024 | 485 MB

                Compressors are the most misunderstood and mysterious audio mixing tools. But, without them, none of your favourite songs would sound like they sound. For production, recording, mixing or mastering, it’s essentiel, even mandatory to understand and know how to use compression to reach professional and high quality results.

                Viewed 13698 By Music Producers.

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