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  • Speedrum v1.5.3 WiN MAC LiNUX-R2R
    April 13th, 2024 ⚡
    Categories: AU, LiNUX, macOS, VST3, VSTi, WiNDOWS

    Speedrum v1.5.3 WiN MAC LiNUX-R2R

    ..:Speedrum v1.5.3:..

    Team R2R | 08 August 2023 | 31.6MB

    Speedrum is an MPC style drum sampler.

    Designed for easy startup and fast workflow, but with powerful features if you need them. 32 pads with essential effects, and with 8 sample layers per pad.

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    • Audio Damage AD052 Panstation 2 v2.1.1 WiN MAC LiNUX
      April 12th, 2024 ⚡

      Audio Damage Ad052 Panstation 2 V2.1.1 Win Mac Linux Magesy

      Panstation 2 v2.1.1

      OHSiE | 09 December 2023 | 39.18 MB

      To create Panstation, we started with a loose model of the venerable Drawmer M500’s panning engine, then added the counting features from the Audio & Design PanScan (probably the most famous vintage autopanner, and the “secret weapon” of many well-known producers.) The result is an autopanner plug-in that is second to none in both feature set and sound. A bare-metal rebuild of its predecessor, Panstation 2 brings Audio Damage’s classic autopan plug-in to the current age. Sporting a shiny vector-based user interface, new preset manager and external sidechain input, Panstation 2 is ready to enhance stereo images across more platforms than ever before.

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      • 914 Mk 2 Fixed Filter Bank v2.1.0 WiN MAC LiNUX
        April 11th, 2024 ⚡

        914 Mk 2 Fixed Filter Bank V2.1.0 Win Mac Linux Magesy

        914 Mk 2 Fixed Filter Bank 2

        OHSiE | 21 May 2023 | 41 MB

        …: Resonance Modernized :…

        The Audio Damage 914 Mk 2 Fixed Filter Bank is a faithful recreation of the Moog Modular Synthesizer 914 module, and a major upgrade to our original 907A plugin. With its capability to create complex and unique timbres, 914 Mk 2 is an excellent tool for the sound designer’s palette, adding rich luster to pads, and giving percussive and lead synth sounds a vocal quality. Beyond the sonic prowess of the original, 914 Mk 2 comes with all of the modern conveniences of a software plugin, such as a true stereo signal path, zero background noise, preset storage and recall, parameter automation, and as many instances as your CPU can handle. The Mk 2 update adds a frequency offset control, VST3 and AAX support, a vector-based resizable GUI, and a platform-agnostic XML-based preset system.

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        • Axon 3 v3.0.14 WiN MAC LiNUX RETAiL
          April 3rd, 2024 ⚡

          Axon 3 v3.0.14 WiN MAC LiNUX RETAiL

          Axon 3 v3.0.14 WiN MAC LiNUX

          OHSiE | 03 April 2024 | 187 MB

          ….: AU, VST3, AAX, CLAP, x64  :….

          A drum sequencer that thinks outside the box, where each beat is a live wire, sparking and connecting to create a rhythm that’s alive. That’s Axon 3 for you – not just an update but a complete overhaul of our legendary Axon series. This isn’t your ordinary drum machine; it’s a sonic adventure, blending the familiar with the futuristic. At the heart of Axon 3 lies a sequencer inspired by the complex workings of artificial neural networks. Picture neurons, buzzing with energy, passing triggers in a dance of precision and chaos. When a neuron hits its trigger threshold, it doesn’t just respond; it sings, through its internal synth voice, sends a pulse out into the MIDI universe, or both. The connections between these neurons aren’t random; they’re the building blocks of a rhythm sequencer unlike any. And with a dash of probability magic, we’ve introduced a drum programming style that’s utterly unique. But that’s not all. Each neuron in Axon 3 comes equipped with a powerhouse of a synth voice, drawing on the best of both subtractive and FM synthesis, supercharged with a model inspired by our Boomtschack analog hardware drum module. Axon 3 wraps all this rhythmic innovation in a sleek interface complete with a full mixer, crystalline delay, punchy compressor, and multiple outputs. Whether you’re crafting yout next IDM masterpiece, scoring a film, or just exploring new sonic territories, Axon 3 is your co-pilot in this thrilling journey into sound. So, are you ready to break the rhythm barrier? Welcome to Axon 3.

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          • Amigo Sampler AU VST3 WiN MAC LiNUX-SNEAKZ
            April 1st, 2024 ⚡
            Categories: AU, LiNUX, macOS, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

            Amigo Sampler AU VST3 WiN MAC LiNUX-SNEAKZ-MaGeSY

            Amigo Sampler WiN MAC LiNUX

            SNEAKZ | 01 April 2024 | (Inc.Themes) 14 MB

            Amigo Sampler features:

            • Downsamples .wav .mp3 and .aiff files on load to commodore amiga 22khz and 8 bit frequencies for authentic crunch! It even loads .iff amiga format samples for all the amigians out here • Different Sample modes: Chromatic Mono, Polyphonic including one note chord mode & Slice mode to trigger different slices by note. • Timestretching modes in realtime AKAI style and fully automatable, what more can we say about this one :-)

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            • U-he Satin v1.3.3 WiN MAC LiNUX-R2R
              March 30th, 2024 ⚡
              Categories: AAX, AU, LiNUX, macOS, U-he, VST3, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86

              U-he Satin v1.3.2 WiN MAC LiNUX-R2R

              U-he Satin v1.3.3 WiN MAC LiNUX

              R2R | 30 March 2023 | WiN+MAC+LiNUX: 116.5MB

              PLATFORM: AU/VSTi/VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

              We took a journey back to the Golden Age of magnetic tape recording. We wanted to recreate all kinds of tape machines in software, from the ground up. After many months spent on research, measurement and on developing an architecture that would be flexible enough for the job, we knew we had nailed it… But we couldn’t stop there: We added the old noise-reduction systems that were often (mis)used for timbral compression effects. Then more heads and a global feedback path, which made an uber-tape-delay and realistic ‘one-shot’ tape flanging possible. Users familiar with analogue recording gear should instantly feel at home with Satin, and digital afficionados will also learn to love the magic of tape – Satin invites you to explore and find out for yourself.

              Viewed 75936 By Music Producers.

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