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  • Using the Mixing And Editing Tools in Cubase TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC-MaGeSY

    Using the Mixing & Editing Tools in Cubase

    FANTASTiC | 10 March 2024 | 382 MB

    If you are just getting started with Cubase this course is a great companion to getting your software setup and ready to use. We’ll also cover some very useful workflow concepts like reusable presets, hot keys and automation techniques. This course’s project is a great way to make sure your software is setup correctly. This is part of a series of courses aimed at teaching important lessons to anyone who is new to Cubase. Cubase is a powerful audio editing, recording and mixing software package.

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  • How to Choose a Microphone A Guide to Using Them TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC-MaGeSY

    How to Choose a Microphone

    FANTASTiC | 21 January 2024 | 390 MB

    So, you’re about to start a new project. Maybe it’s a podcast, a voice over, a singer/ songwriter channel and you’ve realised that you need a microphone. The course will give you the knowledge and confidence to understand how to choose a microphone for any situation. You don’t have to have a big budget to get professional results, but you do need to understand how different microphones are better suited to different applications. The best way to learn about sound is to listen! That’s why in this example led course, a quick explanation is given, followed by examples to help you understand the point. Ryan walks through some of the microphones he has used in his professional career in various settings such as live sound, studio engineering, voice over and location film/tv. (See Ryan’s Website).

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  • Using The Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 Controller TUTORiAL

    Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 Controller

    P2P | 21 March 2023 | 2.17 GB

    In this course you will be learning how to use the Pioneer DDJ-FLX Controller and all of the basic fundamentals of DJ’ing including: Beatmatching, Transitions, Performing on the stage, Hot Cues, Loops, Track Selection and more.A controller is not required. All footage is shot in 4K 60FPS.Your class project is to record a 10 minute mini-mix using the skills provided to start your DJ Brand/Project and get your name out there. You are able to send your mix to me and you will receive constructive criticism to improve your DJ skills and prepare your for your next steps. You are welcome to receive 1-to-1 tuition after completing the course which will aide you towards achieving your DJ goals be it performing at a house party, bar, club, pub, festival and more.

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  • Using an Oscilloscope for Music Production Explained TUTORiAL

    Using an Oscilloscope

    HiDERA | 24 November 2022 | 478 MB

    If you’ve never used an oscilloscope before, you may be wondering what exactly their purpose is. In this 70-minute production video course with audio expert, he’ll share with you many useful applications for this powerful audio tool. With topics ranging from audio analysis and sample layering to assisting with loudness and checking phase, these videos will help you gain a deeper knowledge of what you’re doing to audio when you process it, which in turn will help you to make more informed decisions about said processing. These videos are for intermediate pro audio producers and engineers. Larry begins by showing how to analyze various aspects of a kick drum with the scope, such as the length of the tail, the fundamental pitch, and the level of the transient. With this knowledge, you’ll have a better idea of how to create a similar kick sound in your own productions. You’ll also learn how, when layering two kick samples together, you can check the scope to ensure of proper phase coherence.

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  • Using Samplers: Make Your Own Realistic Virtual Instruments

    Make Your Own Virtual Instruments

    P2P | 13 November 2022 | 1.94 GB

    The complete beginner’s guide to sampling and virtual instrument creation for composition and sound design A deep dive into all the common elements of instrument creation and sound design using samplers. Whether you are brand new to sampling, or an experienced sound designer, beatmaker or producer, this course will help you to really understand how to construct exactly the sounds you are looking for and make super-realistic sample-based virtual instruments from scratch. During the course, you will see every step taken in the creation of four unique sample-based instruments. We’ll be using the built-in samplers within Logic Pro X throughout the course, and I’ve included a short introduction to Native Instruments Kontakt 6 at the end to show how you can apply the concepts learnt to any sampler and know exactly how to use it to get the sounds you need for your compositions.

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  • Mastering Music Using Ozone 9 TUTORiAL
    September 30th, 2022 ⚡

    Mastering Music Using Ozone 9 TUTORiAL-MaGeSY

    Mastering Music Using Ozone 9

    P2P | 30 September 2022 | 1.94 GB

    Mastering EDM music and all the other genres can be a hard process. Mastering techniques are a different cam to mixing music. Its that final step in mixing and mastering that can be the final push to making a good track sound great. What we’re going to do together in this course is take your from kind of knowing what each tool does in Ozone 9. To being a mastering master of Ozone 9. By the end of this course you will be able to understand fully what each tool does in Ozone 9. And when and why to use each tool. You will be able to take your own music to a level where its ready for commercial release, And even rent out your new skill set for client work as well.

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