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  • Old Mandolin v2 KONTAKT-HORiZON
    February 21st, 2024 ⚡
    Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

    Old Mandolin v2 KONTAKT-HORiZON-MaGeSY

    Old Mandolin v2 KONTAKT

    HORiZON | 25 November 2014 | 66.4 MB

    I found this old, unused mandolin, hanging on a wall in a dark corner of my cellar. I bought it about 10 years ago in a local music store. I played it for some time, but then turned to another instruments and good old mandolin got down there. When I saw it after such a long time I knew immediately, that its time has come again. The result is a mandolinesque experimental library, what is emphasized by quite a lot of percussive sounds I got from its body, neck, strings beating and knocking them with my hands. Old Mandolin already in its first edition was not meant to be an exact sonic portrait of this instrument. As the title “Old Mandolin” implies, the goal was capturing the instrument with its flaws and imperfections to maintain its organic value, unpredictability and obscurity. Rubbed off frets, tuning issues and “not that great sound” really would not compete for more, but there are always more angles to take the view from.

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    • Mandolin Textures KONTAKT
      February 14th, 2024 ⚡
      Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

      Mandolin Textures Kontakt Magesy

      Mandolin Textures KONTAKT

      P2P | 15 September 2023 | 635 MB

      ​​MANDOLIN TEXTURES is a Kontakt instrument created using the sound of an acoustic mandolin. On some patches the sound is heavily manipulated, giving birth to unexpected sonic creations. Mandolin Textures – Unexpected Sonic Creations for Kontakt This instrument does not represent a sampled mandolin with all articulations. This is an inspiring tool which is based on a mandolin source, and is highly inspiring and musical. The first two patches are standard muted mandolin sounds, which we like a lot and find highly flexible and natural. The Muted Mandolin patch is sampled in 4 velocity layers and 3 round robins. Other patches are various textures, pads and ambient sounds. Mandolin is sampled with a Royer SF 12 stereo microphone in combination with an original Neve 1073 stereo pair of preamps OR occasionally Millenia HV-3C.

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      • Mandolin: Latin American Styles WAV
        July 20th, 2023 ⚡
        Categories: Audio Samples, News, WAV

        Mandolin Latin American Styles Wav Magesy

        Mandolin: Latin American

        P2P | 20 July 20232 | 629 MB

        Introducing Mandolin – Latin American Styles! Immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies of Latin & Reggaeton with this exceptional collection of mandolin loops. Designed specifically for music producers and artists looking to infuse their compositions with the vibrant sounds of the mandolin, this sample pack is a must-have for adding authentic Latin flavor to your tracks. At an impressive size of 1.27 GB, the Mandolin Sample Pack offers a huge selection of 498 meticulously crafted mandolin loops. Each loop has been expertly played and recorded live, ensuring an authentic and organic sound that captures the essence of Latin American styles. For maximum flexibility and creative freedom, all loops in this pack are tempo-synced for seamless integration into your projects. In addition, each loop is labeled with its root key, making it easy to match the loops to your desired compositions. This pack covers a wide range of tempos, from 78 BPM to 125 BPM. Whether you’re looking for a slow and sensual Latin groove or a fast-paced Reggaeton rhythm, you’ll find the perfect loops to enhance your tracks. One of the outstanding features of this sample pack is its 100% royalty-free license. This means you can use the loops in your productions, whether they’re personal projects or commercial releases, without worrying about copyright issues. Let your creativity run wild!

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        • Mandolin v1.5 KONTAKT
          July 30th, 2022 ⚡
          Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

          Mandolin v1.5 KONTAKT

          Mandolin v1.5 KONTAKT

          P2P | 30 July 2022 | 249 MB


          The Mandolin is a small string instrument – it is a flat back soprano Mandolin from Ireland. It is tuned like a violin in G-D-A-E. The Mandolin is a small string instrument which evolved from the lute family in Italy during the 17th and 18th centuries. It is usually plucked with a plectrum and has 4 courses of doubled metal strings, usually tuned in perfect 5th. Our Mandolin instrument is a flat back soprano Mandolin from Ireland. It is tuned like a violin in G-D-A-E. Our primary focus was on creating a Mandolin instrument that delivers a natural and organic feel. Our instrument provides two different plucking sounds, “Plec”and “Finger”, as well as “Vintage” and a “Strummed” articulation. All of those are equipped with a compelling and organic tremolo feature which allows you to easily play the Mandolin in the typical “tragic “tremolo style. In addition to that, we programmed a strumming engine which performs patterns based on the pressed keys. This is best suitable for accompanying your song or music.

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          • Mandolin v2.2 KONTAKT
            April 25th, 2022 ⚡
            Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

            Mandolin v2.2 KONTAKT

            Mandolin v2.2 KONTAKT

            P2P | 27 March 2022 | 190 MB

            The concept of the mandolin is very simple. You can play any note on any string between the open string (0 fret) and the 12nd fret using key switches. I made this kontakt instrument so I can have the ability to play any note that I want, that way I can play the mandolin and have the same spacing of the chords that the mandolin has and the same tone that the strings has. It’s very important to have the right TONE OF THE STRING so it will sound the right way. In the mandolin you can select always the right note on the right string or you can select the open strings if you like that sound. you can decide what is right to you it’s your choice. You can hear it clearly if you play arpeggio notes, but also if you play fast chords up and down strokes.

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            • Mandolin 1 WAV-DECiBEL
              March 6th, 2022 ⚡
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Mandolin 1 WAV-DECiBEL

              Mandolin 1 WAV

              Team DECiBEL | 29 Aug 2021 | 276.4MB

              Mandolin 1 makes you feel all kinds of moods: from dancing through a summer night to snuggling up with a hot chocolate by the campfire. Besides being a traditional heart piece in country and bluegrass, the mandolin has become a go-to addition to freshen up productions of any genre. The bright and bubbly tone of the mandolin is sure to spark new ideas and fuel your creative workflow! With Mandolin 1 we present another release from the Artist Series of Image Sounds. In this great expert series, we focus exclusively on the recording of live instruments and vocals, all recorded by professional musicians. The library recordings are made with high-quality recording equipment to capture a tremendous closeness of the natural sound of each instrument. You will not only notice the textbook quality, but also the variety and high-quality processing we are eager to produce. The product is 524 MB in size all in all. The tempos are between 80 BPM – 120 BPM. The library contains 17 folders and offers a total of 319 Mandolin loops in many different musical styles.

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