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  • Loop Cartel Progressive Edm Melodies In Midi Wav Midi Magesy

    Progressive EDM Melodies In Midi

    AUDiOSTRiKE | 05 May 2015 | 588 MB

    Light up the dance floor with these uplifting melodies for EDM.  Produce songs that stick with catchy hooks.  Each loop comes with a supporting midi file so you can dial up your favorite synth sound and create something entirely new.  Customize your mixes by transposing the midi files or rearranging the notes or just use the pre-recorded loops as is.  In total there are 380 loops and 63 midi files across 50 mini song kits.  Mini kits include lead melodies, bass lines, and drums.  All of the sounds in the demo are included in this pack.  Good fro Progressive House, Trance, and many other sub-genres of EDM. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo wav files included. Download contains 380 x loops, 63 midi files, 24 bit 44.1Khz Stereo wav files. Download size 715mb.

    Viewed 2490 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Elemental Audio Neodynium v1.0.3 VST RTAS x86 WiN-H2O

    Neodynium v1.0.3 x86 WiN

    TEAM H2O | 05-12-2005 | 4.4 MB

    The new compressor generation.

    Get in the zone: Don’t get confused – this is not multi-band compression. Neodynium is an entirely different beast. Why always apply the same compression to all audio levels? Compress the louder levels with a quick attack; expand the lower levels with a slow release and leave the mid level sounds alone. Try it with a traditional compressor – you won’t get far. Neodynium lets you break your audio levels up into “zones” so you can control them exactly how you want. No one size fits all compression here.

    Viewed 1807 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Finis

    Finis: Peak Limiting Plugin WiN

    TEAM H2O | 03-29-2005 | 3.6 MB

    Brick-wall Limiting & Loudness Maximization

    We all know unplanned digital distortion is bad news. Use Finis to control your audio levels and prevent distortion from rearing its ugly head. And when you need to give your audio more edge, Finis helps you maximize your audio’s loudness. Even at more extreme settings, Finis can control your levels without audible distortion. Whether you just need to catch an occasional over or you want to increase the average level of your audio, Finis can tackle the job. Pick Your Poison You want to have control over the way a limiter behaves or sounds.

    Viewed 1904 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • eqium_ss1

    Eqium v2.1.3 Eq PlugIn WiN

    TEAM H2O | 08-24-2005 | 3.6 MB

    Sophisticated. Versatile. Unlimited bands. Eqium.

    The next generation in EQ. Go on, be the boss Why work within the confines of an EQ configuration of someone else’s choosing? Eqium lets you determine your ideal EQ. And if you ever need more bands or filters, they’re just a click away. No need to swap out for another EQ or use another insert slot. Eqium lets you be the boss. Variety isthe keyFrom standardto specialtyfilters, the unprecedented selection lets you be the master of your EQ. Use the 4 and 8 harmonic parametrics to remove A/C line noise (i.e. hum) or use the steep notch to remove unwanted tones. With 11 filter types available, there’s a filter for every occassion.

    Viewed 1947 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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