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  • Friedman Bundle 2024.05 WiN-TCD
    May 27th, 2024 ⚡

    The Soul Spectrum Series Collection Vol.1-5 WAV-MaGeSY

    Friedman Bundle 2024.05 WiN

    TCD | 27 May 2024 | 15.4 MB

    x64: AAX, VST3, VST2 | x86: JBridge files

    Get the ultimate American Plexi guitar amp plugin. Jim Marshall originally designed the British tube Plexi heads, famously used by legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Dave Friedman, an American innovator, enhanced these designs with his expertise in modifying Marshall Plexis, leading to the creation of the BE-100 hardware. This hardware, celebrated by artists like Alice in Chains, Pink, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, The Cult, and Foo Fighters, is renowned for its applications in classic rock, hard rock, metal, punk, country, and blues.

    Viewed 5440 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • TAL-Pha v1.1.8 WiN MAC LiNUX-R2R
    May 26th, 2024 ⚡

    TAL-Pha v1.1.0 WiN MAC LiNUX-R2R-MaGeSY

    TAL-Pha v1.1.8 WiN MAC LiNUX

    Team R2R | 26 March 2024 | 37.1MB


    TAL-Pha is an instrument plug-in that emulates the sound of the analog 80’s synthesizer Alpha Juno II (MKS-50 is the rack version). The plug-in produces the classic analog sound, combined with modern flexibility and many additional functions. The plug-in can read and convert sysex information from the hardware and can also be used as a controller.

    Viewed 10238 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • TAL-BassLine-101 v3.9.0 U2B macOS-MORiA

    TAL-BassLine 101 v3.9.0

    MORiA | 26 March 2024 | 27.1 MB

    TAL-BassLine-101 is a monophonic bass synthesizer with a classic analogue sound. The GUI is intuitive and easy to use. It produces the raw sound you know from analogue devices without any effects. BassLine has a very smooth and authentic analogue sounding 24dB zero feedback delay resonance low pass filter. Especially designed and calibrated for extreme settings. It sounds even smooth with a lot resonance and a high oscillator pitch. Details as envelope transitions between overlapping notes are carefully modeled. The oscillators do not use any samples. BassLine generates all wave-forms in real time.

    Viewed 5588 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Need Preamp And EQ Collection v1.1.2 WiN MAC-R2R

    Need Preamp & EQ Collection

    Team R2R | 23 July 2023 | WiN: 69MB | OSX: 569.5MB

    ..:: AAX*, AU, VST3, x86, x64 ::..

    The British-style console preamp and eq units have been the most sought-after equipment since the first days they came out. Queen, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Metallica, Adele, Drake …etc as just a few examples. They’ve been used on countless classic top platinum-selling albums and are also still widely used, which confirms these legendary modules’ status much-wanted classic units that every mixing/mastering environment needs. NEED Preamp and Eq Collection include 7 Outstanding British-style preamp/eq plugins! All of them are extremely accurate end-to-end circuit emulations that retain each small detail and true vintage tone of this phenomenal studio equipment. NEED Preamp and Eq Collection is a Real Gem!

    Viewed 20664 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Neurontape 1972 v1.2.0 VST3 x64 WiN-R2R Magesy

    Neurontape 1972 v1.2.0 WiN

    Team R2R | 18 November 2023 | 58.3 MB

    Neurontape 1972 is shipped with input/output level control, input/output level metering, tape preamp level control, wow/flutter controls, presets, noise level control, tape age control, equalizer control, and monitor tape/source as on the machine itself. about neurontape 1972 | Neurontape 1972 brings to you a fantastic simulation of this piece of equipment that is a bit hard to find in good shape these days. We captured it from a unit that remain mostly untouched for its years. The preamp sound is thick, warm and will wildly saturate the circuit if overloaded. This unit is Japanese made, about 50 years old. It sounds awesome. From mix-bus to parallel distortion, Neurontape 1972 is a must have plugin for those who want to saturate tracks, glue the mix together with natural analog signal compression or even analog distort. Experiment with different input/output levels to get to know what the circuit is really capable of.

    Viewed 14885 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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