• XLN Audio Blues MiDi Pak-R2R
    December 31st, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

    XLN Audio Blues MiDi Pak

    XLN Audio Blues MiDi Pak

    TEAM R2R | 05.01.2014 | 880 KB

    Blues music is all about heavy emotions and soulful grooves. These things are almost impossible to express with quantized grids and programmed notes. No, blues rhythms need to be brought to life by the skilled hands of a professional drummer behind a great sounding kit. That’s why we created our Blues MIDI Pak. This MIDI Pak has everything you need to produce an authentic, organic groove with a great shuffle feel. It covers a variety of styles spanning from the Chicago and delta blues of the early 50’s all the way to modern blues rock.

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    • Blister Pak CDDA WAV-DViSO
      June 18th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: Audio Samples, CDDA, WAV

      Blister Pak CDDA WAV-DViSO

      Blister Pak CDDA WAV

      TEAM DViSO | 20.05.2005 | 348 MB

      ..:: Over 4000 Electronic Drum Hits ::..

      Now this is one we KNOW you’ve all been waiting for! Over and over, you ask our stable of Magesy producers, “where do you guys get those drums?!” Well, there’s no more need to wonder. Pop out a kick or snare from this MASSIVE Blister Pak of drums! Over 4000 electronic drum hits in WAV and audio, created by the biggest sound designers/recording artists in electronic music, including atom?

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      • XLN Audio Reggae MiDi Pak
        June 9th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: Patterns MIDI

        XLN Audio Reggae MiDi Pak

        TEAM R2R | 05.01.2014 | 591 KB

        Drums are a critically important part of reggae music and it’s vital to get the rhythm right. That’s why we created the Reggae MIDI Pak. This Pak provides a big selection of classic beats and fills in styles like one drop, rockers, steppers, dancehall, ska and rocksteady. We also include great intro grooves and a large collection of drum fills ranging from established standards to slightly eccentric. With Addictive Drums and this Reggae MIDI Pak, you have everything you need to build an inspiring beat, get in to the vibe, and make amazing riddims of your own.

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        • Big Fish Audio Studio Percussion Pak MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DiSCOVER
          May 24th, 2016 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: ACiD, AiFF, Audio Samples, REX2, WAV


          Studio Percussion Pak MULTiFORMAT

          DiSCOVER | 23 OCTOBER 2013 | 978 MB

          Big Fish Audio knows how hard it is to find the right percussion for the right production.Studio Percussion Pak is the perfect answer to this need.This library is a sizable 1.35 GB of content, all at the highest of quality. Found within this library are agogos, bongos, congas, djembes, shakers, and timbales just to name a few; as well as some loops found in 3/4 time. If what you’re looking for is affordable studio percussion loops that you can rely on time and time again, this is the library you need to pick up!

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          • Big Fish Audio Jazz Drums Loop Pak MULTIFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
            May 12th, 2016 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: ACiD, AiFF, Audio Samples, REX2, RMX, WAV


            Jazz Drums Loop Pak

            Team DYNAMiCS | 11 08 2008 | 350.85 MB

            FORMAT: ACiD/WAV/Apple Loops/REX/RMX

            Get the perfect jazz vibe with this collection of versatile drum loops. Jazz Drums Loop Pak contains 100 drum loops, each in the time-stretchable Apple Loop, Rex2, RMX, and Acidized WAV formats. This download contains 280MB of total material in tempos ranging from 70-200 BPM. From slow and dark ambience to uptempo grooves, these drum loops are fluid playing at its best. Also included are some brushed jazz classics. This pak is full of useful classic and contemporary drum loops in a variety of jazz patterns.

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            • MIDI Songs and Lesson PAK for Band-in-a-Box® For WiN
              November 24th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: PAK, Patterns MIDI, Presets


              MIDI Songs & Lesson PAK for Band-in-a-Box® For WiN

              P2P | 24.11.2015 | 4.52 GB

              The Songs & Lessons PAK Supercharge your Band-in-a-Box® package with the Songs & Lessons PAK! This great package adds all of the MIDI Essential Riffs and Phrases Series, All of our MIDI Fakebooks, Master Swingin’ Jazz Piano Solos and Comping, the complete Master Solos Series, CopyMe, Duets, 50 Novelty Piano Riffs, 50 Country Guitar Solos, and 200 Folk Songs! Hours of music, fun and learning at your fingertips. All the Add-ons in the Songs & Lessons PAK are included in the EverythingPAK and Audiophile Editions of Band-in-a-Box®.

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              • Rex Pak Latin Caribbean Grooves REX2-DYNAMiCS
                November 8th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


                Rex Pak Latin Caribbean Grooves REX2

                Team DYNAMiCS | 02/11/2008 | 598.84 MB

                This Rex Pak offers a range of drum and percussion loops with authentic latin flavor in the styles of Bolero, Guacuanco, Bomba, Calypso, Bembe, Bomba, Guiro, Mozambique, Yongo, Bata, ChaCha, Rumba, Danzon, Son, Merengue and more. From individual and combined percussion such as congas, bongos, shakers, handbells, guiros, clave, maracas and more to full drum kit grooves this collection can add spice to any music production.

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