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    Team AUDiOSTRiKE | 16 January 2014 | 238 MB

    The sample pack contains an essential collection of whooshes, swishes, impacts, builds and dives, for sound designers, composers and music producers. There are over 400 24 Bit Wav samples for creating builds, tension, impact and shape. Textures include crisp and crunchy, wide and intense, deep and rumbling and soft and saturated, and have been formed from a combination of foley recordings, granular synthesis and advanced effects processing. All sounds and samples are available to download in 100% royalty free, 24 Bit Wav format, and come packaged with EXS24, Ableton Sampler, Reason NN-XT and Kontakt presets.

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    • Cinematic Motion WAV
      March 16th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Cinematic Motion-MaGeSY

      Cinematic Motion WAV

      P2P | 16.03.2023 | CONSTRUCTiON: 4.29GB | DESiGNED: 948 MB


      Don’t let your movie and video projects sound still or lifeless, breathe movement and energy into them with CINEMATIC MOTION. A cutting-edge sound effects library designed to make your audience feel the momentum, pace, and cinematic power of your project. CINEMATIC MOTION is a sound library crafted to make creative sound design as advanced as possible. With astonishing clarity and thundering intensity, new collection of transitions, slow and fast whooshes, zaps, and particle sounds for any number of movements flashing by. The collection bringing you a new dimension of excitement for your trailer or other project.

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      • Motion EQ v1.1.1 AAX VST3 x64 WiN-R2R
        March 16th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: AAX, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

        Motion EQ v1.1.1 AAX VST3 x64 WiN-R2R

        BLEASS Motion EQ v1.1.1 WiN

        Team R2R | 16 March 2023 | 5.2MB

        The plugin follows a graphic equalizer model, with the position of the three bands’ fader-style cut/boost controls also giving instant visual feedback of the EQ curve. But unlike a conventional graphic equalizer, BLEASS Motion EQ’s band widths are adjustable, making it easy to select the range of frequencies that will be affected by each band. Not only does BLEASS Motion EQ let you balance the tone of your audio, it can also work as a flexible filter too. Low-pass, band-pass and high pass filtering can be achieved by making use of the band mute controls. You can even create an all-pass filter effect by moving the high and low cutoff frequencies close together.

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        • Motion Textures WAV-FANTASTiC
          March 13th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

          Motion Textures WAV-FANTASTiC

          Motion Textures WAV

          FANTASTiC | 02 November 2022 | 1.2 GB

          ‘Motion Textures’ is a SFX library featuring a variety of designed sounds and organic source recordings based on organic moving textures. The samples include friction sounds from a wide variety of objects and materials such as crunchy leaves, papers, cymbals, metals, pencil, ceramic, plastic, bamboo, cardboard box, and bubble wraps. All of the samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% Royalty-Free for your use without any additional licensing fees and come with an incredible sample rate of 192kHz/24-Bit to give you the best quality for extreme pitch-shifting and FX processing, while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision. This library is perfectly suited for video games, applications, post production, movies, documentaries, advertising, or any kind of projects requiring high definition sound effects.

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          • Flux: Motion Impacts WAV
            February 21st, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Flux Motion Impacts WAV-MaGeSY

            Flux: Motion Impacts

            P2P | 21.02.2023 | 205.49 MB

            Flux is a professional collection of hybrid motion impacts. With its cutting-edge sound design, Flux is the perfect tool for creating expertly crafted soundscapes for enhancing the emotional impact of your music.

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            • Kinetic Woodwinds Motion Engine KONTAKT
              February 16th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

              Kinetic Woodwinds Motion Engine KONTAKT

              Kinetic Woodwinds KONTAKT

              P2P | 30 June 2022 | 2.42 GB

              Create Sophisticated Patterns with No Musical Theory Training Necessary. At the time of this publication, there does not exist another instrument that can let you play FOUR short-sample Woodwinds sections (flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons) at the SAME TIME. But wit Kinetic, you get the entire Woodwinds section in one instrument. That means you get a separate timeline for each section. Each timeline contains 64 note or rest events and can be divided into up to 4 “regions”. And you can have each timeline play a different pattern whether you hold down a single note or chord!

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              • Apple Motion v5.6.3 macOS-TNT
                January 6th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®

                Apple Motion v5.6.3 macOS-TNT

                Apple Motion v5.6.3 macOS

                TNT | 25 October 2022 | 2.34GB

                Another must have plugin if you use Final Cut Pro! Enjoy.

                Today, 12 November Apple has updated all the pro video and audio apps. Final Cut Pro updates 10.5, Motion to 5.5 and Compressor to 4.5. A few new features for FCP, but all will now run on Apple silicon! We list ALL the new features. With Big Sur out, it wasn’t going to be long before the pro apps got their huge dual binary update so they could run on the new Apple silicon. Motion is a software application produced by Apple Inc. for their Mac OS X operating system. It is used to create and edit motion graphics, titling for video and film production, and 2D and 3D compositing for visual effects. The Motion interface has been redesigned specifically for Final Cut Pro editors, with a familiar look and feel that makes it easy to switch between the two applications. A new single-window layout puts all the tools you need at your fingertips, and redesigned icons make it easy to identify options at glance. The darker look of the new interface is designed to enhance color perception as you work with any combination of video, stills, and motion graphic elements. Many filters now include onscreen controls for direct, intuitive manipulation of effects. And keyframe editing is much more accessible thanks to a new view that displays the Keyframe editor below the timeline.

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