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  • Maschine MK3 Mapping For Traktor-DECiBEL

    Maschine MK3 Mapping For Traktor

    Team DECiBEL | 29 December 2022 | 7.8MB

    (incl CABD Layout)

    With the ENDO Maschine MK3 Mapping, you can turn your Maschine controller into a powerful 4 deck controller that controls almost EVERYTHING in TRAKTOR. While this mapping has 1800 commands in it, every single button has been carefully programmed with your DJ workflow in mind and is easy to use and very effective for live remixing. This mapping allows you to quickly switch between all four decks in Traktor and easily control things like Looping, BeatJump, Hotcues, Flux Mode, Deck Duplicating, advanced browsing and previewing, pitch bend, four FX Units, Stems, Loop Recorder, and more. Colorful LED feedback on the controller allows you to see which features in Traktor are turned on, saving you from looking at the computer screen.

    Viewed 11 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Logic Pro X 3rd Party Plug-in Mapping with Smart Controls

    Logic Pro X 3rd Party Plug-ins

    ilfsn | 29.09.2017 | 1.3 Hours | 599 MB

    Mapping with Smart Controls

    Logic Pro X guru Doug Zangar shows you how to map and control your 3rd Party plug-ins in Logic Pro X! Sometimes 3rd party plug-ins don’t behave when trying to map and control them in Logic Pro X, so Doug shows you all the tricks and work arounds, enabling complete control over all of your cool AU plug-ins and virtual instruments! Doug begins by welcoming you and lays out what you’ll be learning and accomplishing together in the series, followed by an overview of Logic Pro X’s Smart Controls and Auto Assign features. Next, Doug jumps right in and shows you how to map and control 3rd Party plug-ins KONTAKT, Amplitube, Vienna Ensemble Pro, and Omnisphere, and how each poses a specific issue when trying to automate them. You’ll then be able to map and control virtually ANY 3rd Party AU plug-in in LPX. Moving on, you’ll then explore MIDI Controller Parameters and Set Up, how to be consistent when Mapping for quick and easy use, manual mapping for unparalleled control and performance, mapping external controllers to Smart Controls, automating, using Expression Pedals and more!

    Viewed 10 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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