• TwelveKeys Music Transcription Software v1.60 WiN-LAXiTY
    December 1st, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
    Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS

    TwelveKeys Music Transcription Software v1.60 WiN-LAXiTY-MaGeSY

    Music Transcription Software v1.60 WiN

    TEAM LAXiTY | 18.05.2014 | 506.67 KB

    TwelveKeys is a music program designed to assist musicians as they transcribe music recordings. Create a visual representation of notes in any music recording, Works with many instruments playing simultaneously, Slow the speed and loop playback to better transcribe subtle details, Small download installs and is ready to use in seconds TwelveKeys is perfect for musicians trying to learn how to play a piece of recorded music without having the sheet notation, or to assist notating other compositions and improvisations.

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    • DVD Audio Extractor v8.5.0 WiN-LAXiTY
      May 6th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS

      DVD Audio Extractor v8.5.0 WiN-LAXiTY

      DVD Audio Extractor v8.5.0 WiN

      TEAM LAXiTY | 06 May 2023 | 28 MB

      DVD Audio Extractor is a powerful software DVD audio extracting / ripping tool. It can help you to extract audio streams from your favorite Blu-ray, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs and save them as OGG, MP3, Wave or FLAC files. DVD Audio Extractor can also demux audio streams directly to mlp, pcm, mpa, ac3 or dts files. The unique CD Image creating feature allows you to convert DVD to Audio CD or DTS-CD in one step.

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      • ChordPulse v2.6 WiN-LAXiTY
        May 28th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS

        ChordPulse v2.6 WiN-LAXiTY

        ChordPulse v2.6 WiN

        LAXiTY | 06 February 2021 | 5.31 MB

        ChordPulse is an easy-to-use virtual band that is great for practising, improvisation, inspiration and just having lots of fun with music. You can use it as a full accompaniment, a drum machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more. Play and sing along with ChordPulse, experiment with musical ideas, styles, and chords in no time.

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        • AD Sound Tools v2.0 WiN-LAXiTY
          May 26th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS

          AD Sound Tools v2.0 WiN-LAXiTY

          AD Sound Tools v2.0 WiN

          Team LAXiTY | 13 February 2021 | 2.30 MB

          AD Sound Tools is a real-time software that provides effective use of your PC sound devices. It includes a signal generator, a recorder, two oscilloscopes and two spectrum analyzers. The program allows to control your recording device in time and frequency domains, record a signal to WAV file and then convert it to MP3 one. AD Sound Tools can generate sine, white noise and short pulses signals and monitor them in separate waveform and spectrum windows. Connecting the generator and an available sound device you can evaluate its frequency response using sine sweep, optionally white noise and short pulses. The data obtained can be saved as a Windows Bitmap and a text CSV-file. The program can be used in educational purposes. It allows you to perform some interesting tests with your sound devices including microphone localization and sound interference tests.

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          • MP3 Recorder v3.0 WiN-LAXiTY
            July 21st, 2019 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS


            MP3 Recorder v3.0 WiN

            Team LAXiTY | 21 July 2019 | 3.58 MB

            MP3 Recorder is an easy-to-use audio recorder with support for MP3, OGG, APE and WAV formats. It allows you to record sound from your sound card and any other sound source including a microphone, VCR, tape player etc. It can be used to grab any sound, including music, dialogs from movies, game sounds, streaming audio or anything else. The captured sound can be saved directly to MP3, OGG, APE or WAV format, without the need for temporary files. In addition, the program includes a ID3 tag editor. Additional features include silent skip (Silence Detector), file size limits and more.

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            • Mp3Toolkit v1.6.1 WiN-LAXiTY
              April 12th, 2019 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS


              MP3 Toolkit v1.6.1 WiN

               LAXiTY | 05.04.2019 | 19.7 MB

              MP3 Toolkit is a powerful Windows app includes MP3 converter, CD ripper, tag editor, MP3 cutter, MP3 merger and MP3 recorder for users who want to handle MP3 files easier. Besides standard MP3 format, MP3 Toolkit supports most of popular audio & video formats like WMA, WMV, MP4, WAV, OGG, FLV, MOV, M4P, M4A and more, also supports high quality audio like FLAC and APE. With MP3 Toolkit, you are able to convert, cut, merge, rip and record MP3. You can use MP3 Toolkit to convert audio for mobile devices, make ringtones, fix tag information, rip Audio CD, record sound or merge audio pieces to a complete MP3 file.

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              • Audio Editor v2.2 WiN-LAXiTY
                March 17th, 2019 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS


                Audio Editor v2.2 WiN

                TEAM LAXiTY | 03.2018 | 8.8 MB

                Audio Editor is an audio editing software is a full-featured professional audio and music editor for Windows. It lets you record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files, you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings, and then add effects like echo, amplification. GiliSoft Audio Editor works as a wav or mp3 editor, but it also supports a number of other audio or video file formats. Cut, join, trim, mix, delete parts, split audio files. Apply various effects and filters. Record audio from various inputs. Save files to all key audio formats. It lets you make and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings and, if required, add effects like echo, amplification.

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