• Elvish Choir v2.0 KONTAKT
    September 14th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Elvish Choir v2.0 KONTAKT

    Elvish Choir v2.0 KONTAKT

    P2P | 27 April 2021 | 404 MB

    Elvish Choir is exactly what it sounds like: A pack of rowdy elven folk singing as an ensemble, with sustains, short staccatos and long staccatos/semi-marcatos in multiple dynamics over a fairly wide range. Also included are meaty shout/yelp impacts created through a little excessive hammer on elf groin violence. We recorded this little beast with the help of a little spiced seasonal ale and a whole lot of helium. It’s perfect for holiday, comedy and parody music and those who are searching for fresh and weird source material for sound design and experimentation.

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