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  • MiniMeters v0.8.19 Beta WiN MAC LiNUX-BTCR

    MiniMeters v0.8.19 Beta

    Team BTCR | 24 May 2024 | 61.5MB

    MiniMeters is a simple standalone audio metering app for Windows, macOS, & Linux. Monitor your System Audio*, Any Input, or insert the MiniMetersServer Plugin (VST3/AU/CLAP) at the end of your master channel in the DAW of your choice. Customize the layout in a horizontal bar (perfect for above or below your audio tool of choice) or pop out modules to create a custom layout.

    Viewed 6115 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • ImiTone Beta 0.9.2d WiN-MPT-MaGeSY

    ImiTone Beta 0.9.2d WiN

    Team MPT | 10 December 2017 | 38MB

    Compose music with your voice, or any instrument, live.

      Works with all your favorite music software. Have you ever awoken from a dream with a melody in your head? An idea might be vivid when it first comes to you, but if you can’t express it, it fades away… imitone is an app for PC and Mac which transforms your voice into musical notes, live. As you sing — or whistle, or hum — imitone instantly converts the sound into “MIDI signals” which can control almost any music software or digital instrument. Anyone can use it. No set-up is needed: opening the program is just like plugging a musical keyboard into your computer. To hear your voice transformed into a violin or flute, you need only start imitone, select that instrument in your music program, put on some headphones and start singing. It’s that simple. No ear for music? Imitone has you covered. It’s designed to help you sing in tune, providing constant feedback on the pitch of your voice. Additional tools like scale-snapping help it to correct your errors….

    Viewed 4083 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Synth1 1.13 Beta VSTi x86 x64 WiN MAC and Presets-MaGeSY

    Synth1 1.13 Beta VSTi WiN MAC

    FREE | 30 September 2014 | 59 MB

    25,000 Free Synth1 Presets

    The Synth1 is a free virtual instrument (VST) developed by Ichiro Toda. Its reputation is based on its sound quality, low resource consumption and the wide choice available presets on the canvas. It is inspired by the famous Clavia Nord Lead synthesizer. This is one of the most popular in MAO VST plugin, as evidenced by its rankings in the KVR plugin Rank. The latest version of Synth1 to date is version 1.13. This is the ultimate collection of VST Synth 1 collected by me and it contains more than 15,000 presets, well separated and well renamed & easy to find

    Viewed 1564 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • ReViSiT Professional v1.8.0 Beta WiN-MESMERiZE-MaGeSY

    ReViSiT Professional v1.8.0 Beta WiN

    Team MESMERiZE | 04 December 2015 | 4.96 MB

    reViSiT is an award-winning tracker that plugs into your VST host (e.g. Cubase), enabling a fluid tracker user experience that couples a powerful music notation with the advanced features of digital audio workstations, such as sequencing, audio recording, video synchronisation, mixing, effects, mastering, scoring and more. Building on the celebrated design of Impulse Tracker 2 and drawing on research into creative flow, reViSiT adds many unique features not found in other programs, designed to get you interacting with your music faster and more directly, offering new levels of focus and control in digital music. Sequencing and tracking is now possible in a single work. Use the recording, video, and scoring features of your sequencer, or turn to reViSiT for fine control of a musical part, before mixing it all together in the host. reViSiT is designed to provide a user friendly introduction to both writing music and tracking, with dedicated features and tutorials to help get you started, plus more in-depth documentation when you’re ready to go deeper…

    Viewed 983 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Audio BetaBugs Bundle 2020.5 WiN-V.R

    Audio BetaBugs Bundle WiN

    TEAM V.R | 25.06.2020 | 885 MB

    Visualize | Inspect | Master

    (Win32/64; AAX*, VST3, VST, STANDALONE)

    Spectrum is a VST, AU and AAX multi channel spectrum analyzer plugin that allows you to inspect the frequency content of your mixes. It’s ideal to find clashing frequencies and to cleanup your mix. It supports input from multiple channels: just drop an instance at each point in your signal chain you want to measure.

    Viewed 2130 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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