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  • Wahnsyn Soul Man v1.0 VSTi x86 WiN-peace-out

    Wahnsyn Soul Man VSTi WiN

    TEAM peace-out | 03.31.2009 | 16.7 MB

    With Soul Man you have the legendary e-pianos of the 70s combined in one instrument. Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet. With different sound settings and various effects, you can set the sound to your personal taste and adjust. There are many effects for use. An instrument for the soul and jazz musician that is virtually indispensable.

    Viewed 1159 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • De La Mancha Octav8r v1.0 VST x86 WiN

    Octav8r v1.0 VST WiN

    Team peace-out | 03.14.2009 | 8.14 MB

    Octav8r is a 7-node pitch-shifter that generates 6 differently pitched stereo versions of the audio input added to a ‘dry’ non-shifted signal to generate a richly layered sound. Each node has its own volume envelope and variable state filter plus send controls to vibrato, chorus, delay and reverb effects. The envelopes can be triggered by MIDI, audio gate or looped in sync with the host tempo. The primary idea of Octav8r is to create multiple pitch-shifted layers of the incoming audio. With some twiddling you can get creative with panning to generate separation around the stereo field, use envelopes to bring each node in and out at different times and use chorus, delay and reverb to make each node sit differently in the mix. You can use the tempo-sync envelope trigger to create rhythmic gating or pulsing and the envelope toggles to make only some nodes modulated whilst others stay constant. Most controls have MIDI CC and MIDI learn support, so with some automation or MIDI knob twiddling, you can make the output really move around.

    Viewed 735 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Sonic At Work Trancerone v1.1 VSTi x86 WiN-peace-out

    TrancerOne v1.1 VSTi WiN

    Peace Out | 22.10.2009 | 583 MB

    TrancerOne is especially designed for the Dance/Trance/Techno genre. The sound engine based on 4 oscillators. The first two OSCs are so called “unison oscillators”. With these two OSCs you will already be able to produce very phat and floating sounds. The third oscillator is a “regular” virtual analog one with 7 waveforms incl. noise. The fourth OSC is the heart of the TrancerOne. This one is a SoundFont2 oscillator with not less than 64 !!! digital waveforms. The SF2 files are userloadeble, so you will be able to load your own SoundFonts to OSC 4. With this option the TrancerOne will be able to function in any musical style.

    Viewed 1093 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • Wahnsyn Supernatural v1.0 VSTi x86 WiN-peace-out

    Supernatural VSTi WiN

    TEAM peace-out | 03.31.2009 | 63.6 MB

    Supernatural is a multi-tool player with its 30 different Instruments. For each instrument, there is also a preset. In Supernatural is not only the volume but also the filter effect and the attack time by velocity changes. This creates a dynamic sound which is very natural sound on the behavior instruments oriented. In addition to the integrated tools can be used any Wave file for more variation opportunities. Through the 7 built in effects you can customize each sound.

    Viewed 655 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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