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  • Oday Audio Releases 9 October 2015


    Oday Audio Releases 9 October 2015

    Teams Various | 9 October 2015 | 5.65 GB


    29 Releases from DiSCOVER, AUDIOSTRiKE, P2P, kEISO : 9 October 2015 …

    New TOday

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    • Dynamics v4.0 AU VST RTAS STANDALONE WiN MAC
      October 9th, 2015 ⚡
      Categories: AU, Blue Cat's, macOS, RTAS, VST, WiNDOWS


      Dynamics v4.0 AU VST RTAS STANDALONE WiN MAC

      P2P | 09.10.2015 | WiN: 29.19 MB | MAC: 147.69 MB

      Blue Cat’s Dynamics is a complete dynamics effect processor: it can be used as a compressor, limiter, gate, expander or even waveshaper for distortion. You can manage the dynamics response of the plug-in with a unique two-thresholds system. The plug-in includes an input filter as well as a side chain filter, in order to control the frequencies affected by the compression. Its continuous VCA/Opto and Peak/RMS controls let you smoothly and precisely choose the behavior of the envelope detection like you have never been able to. The plugin also provides advanced stereo features, with mid/side processing capability, multiple stereo linking options and the ability to choose on which channels to apply the effect.

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      • Guitar Pro v6.1.9 r11686 Incl. Content WiN
        October 7th, 2015 ⚡


        Guitar Pro v6.1.9 r11686 Incl. Content WiN

        P2P | 2015.10.07 | 38.43 MB | Soundbanks 584.52 MB

        Guitar Pro is a musical software program offering all of the functionalities that all guitarists need.

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        • U-he Diva v1.3.1 rev 2746 VSTi WiN iNTERNAL-HEXWARS
          October 6th, 2015 ⚡
          Categories: U-he, VST, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


          U-he Diva v1.3.1 rev 2746 VSTi WiN iNTERNAL

          TEAM HEXWARS | September 8 2015 | 34.93 MB

          DIVA – Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

          The oscillators, filters and envelopes closely model components found in some of the great monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. Modules can be mixed and matched so you can build hybrids, but what sets DIVA apart is the sheer authenticity of the analogue sound. This comes at the cost of quite a high CPU-hit, but we think it was worth it: Diva is the first native software synth that applies methods from industrial circuit simulators (e.g. PSpice) in realtime. The behaviour of zero-delay-feedback filters when pushed to the limit clearly demonstrates the advantages of this groundbreaking approach. Check out more than 1200 presets. If your computer can handle it, try them in “Divine” mode.

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          • U-HE Zebra² v2.7 rev 2746 VSTi WiN iNTERNAL-HEXWARS
            October 6th, 2015 ⚡
            Categories: U-he, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


            U-HE Zebra² v2.7 rev 2746 VSTi WiN iNTERNAL

            TEAM HEXWARS | September 8 2015 | 20.67 MB

            Synthesizer Workhorse with Stripes

            Zebra is our wireless modular synthesizer. It combines many different types of synthesis with a powerful modulation engine. Imagine – you can create any additive, freehand or spline-based waveform you like, apply a vast selection of spectral effects, morph between those waves and send them through classic synth filters. Perhaps use that entire sound as modulator for an FM oscillator, or route it through a comb filter – the building block of physical modeling synthesis. All generator modules, all signal paths, all effects are stereo.

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            • Sonik Synth 2 VSTi DXi RTAS AU WiN MAC FULL ISO
              October 6th, 2015 ⚡


              Sonik Synth 2 VSTi DXi RTAS AU WiN MAC

              ASSiGN, DYNAMiCS, SPiRiT, AI | WIN/MAC + Updates | 2005-2010 | ~ 4.32 GB

              Sonik Synth 2 is the ultimate synth workstation, with more synth and workstation instrument sound than any other comparable hardware or software. Over 5,800 sounds and 8 GB make up the largest collection of modern and vintage instruments ever assembled in one product. A synth workstation on steroids. A complete songwriting, producing and arranging super tool with the widest range of high quality vintage, modern and futuristic synth and instrument sounds ever combined into one package!. Includes an incredible workstation sound set of important compositional tools such as rich evolving motion synths, pads, leads, basses, electronic drums, percussion, and FX; as well as pianos, organs, guitars, drum kits and beats, orchestral instruments, human voices, ethnic instruments and more. Sonik Synth 2 also features an astounding 152 MB, 3 dynamics, grand piano and other first call high performance instruments.

              Viewed 18580 By Music Producers.

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