• Plus 10 DB Equaliser v1.0.1 WiN MAC-AN0NYM0US
    January 6th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®
    Categories: AAX, macOS, RTAS, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS


    Plus 10 DB Equaliser v1.0.1 WiN MAC

    AN0NYM0US | 05.01.2015 | 15.7 MB

    WiN/OSX: VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native

    +10db Equaliser takes the EQ section from our +10db Channel strip plugin and puts it in a dedicated plugin. This plugin faithfully recreates the curves and subtleties of this hardware equaliser unit. What is so special about this EQ? This EQ takes a different approach to equalization than your standard digital EQ. Instead of the standard series configuration, this EQ uses a parallel configuration, which makes for some very interesting effects, especially for bands that are close together. You will notice that you can use more extreme boost and cut settings without going into that harsh realm.

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    • Oday Audio Releases 16-17 December 2014


      Oday Audio Releases 16-17 December 2014

      R2R/MAGNETRiXX/P2P/AUDiOSTRiKE/DiSCOVER | 16-17 December 2014 | 13.94 GB


      36 Releases  R2R/MAGNETRiXX/P2P/AUDiOSTRiKE/DiSCOVER 16-17 December 2014…

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      • AudioLine Bundle v1.6 WiN MAC-R2R
        December 8th, 2014 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, RTAS, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS


        AudioLine Bundle v1.6 WiN MAC-R2R

        TEAM R2R 2014.12.08 | WiN: 53.66 MB | MAC: 73.73 MB

        ST-R-I-P + ChopChop + KRUCZ + o-clip

        The first line of plugins is called the R.A.O.N series, which stands for Ridiculous Amounts Of Noise.

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        • Plus10db Bundle v1.0.1 MAC OSX-HEXWARS
          December 1st, 2014 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: AU, macOS, RTAS, VST, VST3


          Plus10db Bundle v1.0.1 MAC OSX

          HEXWARS | 01.12.2014 | 14.1 MB


          +10db is a channel strip plugin meticulously modeled after one of the industries most iconic hardware compressors. Unless you refuse to listen to any music after Beethoven, you most certainly have heard this unit in action. Best yet, this is the first time this hardware unit has been available in plugin format. +10db is the first of it’s kind channel strip plugin. This plugin is modelled after a very highly sought after compressor hardware unit. We didn’t just use the hardware unit for inspiration, we dug in deep and made sure that it sounded just like the original.

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          • Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V v1.03 MAC OSX-HEXWARS
            November 12th, 2014 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: AU, macOS, VST, VST3, VSTi, Waldorf


            Waldorf PPG Wave 3 V v1.03 MAC OSX

            HEXWARS | 11.11.2014| 112.79 MB

            AU / VST / VST3

            Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V is the reincarnation of the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer, which no doubt is considered one of the most respected high-end synthesizers of the 80s. Developed by Wolfgang Palm, this instrument is featured on countless records, and it inspired a whole generation of producers, composers and listeners. While back then it was your choice to spent your money either for a vehicle or the PPG, the new PPG Wave 3.V renders this breathtaking sonic character very affordable, comfortably to use for every VST or AU Host.

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            • Waldorf Lector v1.03 AU VSTi VST3 MAC-HEXWARS
              November 11th, 2014 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: AU, macOS, VST, VST3, VSTi, Waldorf


              Waldorf Lector v1.03 AU VSTi VST3 MAC

              HEXWARS | 11.11.2014 | 57.84 MB

              Robot voices, whispering strings, talking drum loops, rhythmic pads, the resonant ringing of bells, dripping water – the possibilities are all but infinite. With a quick tweak here and there, the Lector turns any incoming signal into novel sounds and effects. Tremendously versatile, the Lector puts in your hands a sonic toolset for a wide range of diverse applications. Just about anything goes, from distorting the human voice to adding subtle harmonies to lead vocals and getting creative with movie soundtracks.

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              • Visualizer 2 v2.0.0.25 WiN MAC-R2R
                November 7th, 2014 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS


                Visualizer 2 v2.0.0.25 WiN MAC

                TEAM R2R | 2014.11.07 | WiN: 13.9 MB | MAC: 79.74 MB

                NUGEN Audio has announced the release of version 2 of Visualizer, an update to the audio analysis suite and real-time comparison toolset designed for high-end audio professionals. Ideal for music mixing and mastering as well as audio post-production, Visualizer provides comprehensive audio analysis for recording, mixing, and mastering in a single tool — now available as a plug-in or a stand-alone version. The standardized reference set of professional tools is designed to help audio engineers work faster, avoid mistakes, repeat past successes, and leverage the success of others. With version 2, Visualizer features numerous user interface enhancements in response to customer input, and is now available in a version supporting Avid Pro Tools HDX as well as a stand-alone configuration.

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