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  • Internet ABiLiTY 5 Pro v5.01.2 WiN-R2R
    April 5th, 2024 ⚡

    Internet ABiLiTY 5 Pro v5.01.2 WiN-R2R-MaGeSY

    ABiLiTY 5 Pro v5.01.2 WiN

    Team R2R | 05 April 2024 | 295.8 MB

    ABILITY 5: domestic music production software.

    A studio system that integrates production workflows from data input, recording, sound design, mixing to mastering based on high-quality sound, and also includes a full range of instruments to accommodate expressions of all genres. Equipped with unique composition and arrangement support functions, it is a one-of-a-kind music production software that embodies the creator’s inspirations and images. Always the best and most powerful music production tool for creators, it is based on the technology and quality that supports high quality, and further improves visibility, operability, creativity, and expressiveness.
    Editing is smoother and faster than ever before.

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    • Internet Sound it! v9.01.4 WiN x64-R2R
      April 5th, 2024 ⚡

      Internet Sound it! v9.01.4 WiN x64-R2R

      Internet Sound it! v9.01.4 WiN

      Team R2R | 05 April 2024 | 87.2MB


      Sound it! 8 Pro is a high resolution sound DXD of DSD 256 (11.28 / 12.28 MHz) for DSD format and 768 KHz / 32 bit (INT) for PCM format Correspondence. Native recording and playback are possible without converting DSD format to PCM format. High-definition DSD decoder / encoder installed. DSD format also converted to PCM format of maximum 768 KHz / 32 bit (INT) and edited with high resolution. Conversion to DSD format can be done again with high sound quality sound.

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      • Megpoid v4 for Vocaloid4FE
        May 11th, 2023 ⚡

        Megpoid v4 for Vocaloid4FE

        Megpoid v4 for Vocaloid4FE

        AlexVox | 05 November 2015 | 2.34 GB

        GUMI (グミ) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Internet Co., Ltd. as Megpoid (メグッポイド), which was initially released June 2009 for the VOCALOID2 engine. There has since been three installments developed for the VOCALOID3 engine, one that includes an update of the VOCALOID2 voice bank. She has been updated to the VOCALOID4 engine in November 2015. Her voice is provided by Filipino-Japanese female singer and voice actress, Megumi Nakajima (中島愛; Nakajima Megumi.

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        • ABiLiTY 4.0 Pro v4.01.2 WiN-R2R
          November 1st, 2022 ⚡

          ABiLiTY 4.0 Pro v4.01.2 WiN-R2R

          ABiLiTY 4.0 Pro v4.01.2 WiN

          Team R2R | 01 November 2022 | 264.2MB

          Includes AMS LiBRARY: 1.09GB & AMS UNLOCKED: 4.3MB

          Internet Co. , Ltd. released a new version of ABILITY , a domestic DAW, on May 27th. This is the successor to the previous ABILITY 3.0 Pro and ABILITY 3.0 Elements, ABILITY 4.0 Pro and ABILITY 4.0 Elements . While there are many overseas DAWs such as the United States and Germany, this is the latest version of ABILITY from Internet, which has developed two lineups: the entry version of Singer Song Writer Lite and the higher version of ABILITY. The main feature of this time is the 16-part GM2 compatible multi-timbral sound source AMS , developed in-house by Internet . To put it simply, it’s an evolved version of the nostalgic Roland SC-88 Pro , or an ultra-high-quality version. You can create a new song with the very latest sound, or you can use it to pull out the data you made a long time ago and play it. On the other hand, various enhancements have been made, such as installing a note expression editor in anticipation of MIDI 2.0 compatibility, enhancing the song editor, and making the UI easier to use. I tried the ABILITY 4.0 Pro early, so I would like to report it.

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          • Internet ABILITY 3 Pro v3.04.9 WiN-R2R
            September 4th, 2022 ⚡

            Internet ABILITY 3 Pro v3.04.9 WiN-R2R

            ABILITY 3 Pro v3.04.9 WiN

            Team R2R | 12 April 2022 | 265 MB

            PLATFORM : WiN32/64 | LANGUAGE : JAPANESE

            Is a music production software, without leaving the talent seamlessly handle, composer, arrangement, recording, sound design, mixing, even to build PC environment until the release from mastering professional recording systems and creator of all AUDIO and MIDI music production creation environment and support functions. 64 bitnatibaprication. Delivers high-quality sound and the best performance.

            Viewed 19377 By Music Producers.

            • Internet Megpoid Talk v1.00.5 WiN-R2R
              October 3rd, 2016 ⚡


              Internet Megpoid Talk v1.00.5 WiN

              TEAM R2R | 3.10.2016 | 70.15 MB

              Megpoid Talk is a text to speech software featuring the former VOCALOID2 mascot GUMI, the voice is provided by Megumi Nakajima. Entering words and sentences into the program will result in GUMI reading the input out loud. The site recommends for usage such as: video narration, answering machine pick-up, and audio-book production such as reading aloud. Text Input and Speech Synthesis: Enter the words or phrases into the text window. It is possible to enter multiple words or phrases. Click the Synthesis button to compile.

              Viewed 5324 By Music Producers.

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