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    March 8th, 2024 ⚡

    Cyberpunk Multiformat Fantastic Magesy

    Cyberpunk MULTiFORMAT

    FANTASTiC | 16 May 2023 | 418.16 MB

    ‘Cyberpunk’ is a dystopian and futuristic collection of darkly scientific sounds, designed to bring a unique edge to your productions, 100% royalty free!, the collection focuses on the hyper stylized world of retro cybernetic Breakbeats. ‘Cyberpunk’ gives producers the opportunity to explore melodic content from a variety of hardware and digital synth Arps, pads and basses to use in combination or solo to form new ideas. The awesome full drum breaks were programmed by hand from Colin’s extensive personal kit. Each percussion loop is designed with heavy dance floors in mind, presented with minimal compression or limiting to preserve dynamics. The icing on the cake for this pack are the one shots and sound effect loops, utilizing an arsenal of cutting-edge sound design and audio processing techniques to make you feel as if you are being uploaded to cyberspace! Here you will find noisy hits and splashy impacts, cyber neural loops and glitchy artificial intelligence vocal one shots recorded with voice over artist and author R.A. Desilets.

    Viewed 83078 By Music Producers.

    • Experiments In Dub MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC
      March 7th, 2024 ⚡

      Experiments In Dub MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

      Experiments In Dub

      FANTASTiC | 15 May 2023 | 1.26 GB

      Experiments in Dub, the latest sample pack from the bass music scientist known! This collection is a totally unique piece of work, with investigational sound design at its core. Everything is 100% royalty free and ready for use in your music! In detail, expect to find 974 MB of content with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 30 drum loops, 24 synth loops, 20 top loops, 18 percussion loops, 16 bass guitar loops, 13 synth bass loops, 10 guitar loops, 9 FX loops and 6 keys loops. One-shots included are 199 drum hits, 74 perc hits, 42 FX, 37 bass hits, 17 synth hits, 13 guitar FX, 6 bass guitar slides, 6 bass multis, 6 drum fills, 3 instrument phrases, 3 string hits and 1 guitar hit and 1 vox hit. Also included are 72 Soft Sampler Patches (for Kontakt, EXS24/Sampler, NNXT and SFZ) and 37 Midi Files.

      Viewed 111993 By Music Producers.

      • Sentience: Dark Ambient MULTiFORMAT
        March 7th, 2024 ⚡

        Sentience: Dark Ambient MULTiFORMAT

        Sentience: Dark Ambient

        FANTASTiC | 15 May 2023 | 357.30 MB

        Sentience – Dark Ambient. This collection is packed with futuristic electronica tools, perfect for crafting sci-fi soundscapes and moody cinematic expressions. Everything included is 100% royalty free and ready for use in your music. Sentience brings you an abundance of texture, movement and manipulation. Between real and surreal, this 496 MB library consists of unique sonics for your musical elements. You’ll hear all sorts of timbres – droney, sharp, recorded and synthesized. Moving, grim and ethereal. Not settled on a mood yet bound by a sound. Sentience invites you to look in-between, to build, to push through experiments with hopes of aiding you in your own musical path. You’ll hear technologically constructed drums, deep mechanical basslines, expansive atmospheres, curious synths, epic FX and much more within.

        Viewed 129843 By Music Producers.

          March 7th, 2024 ⚡


          Hard EDM MULTiFORMAT

          AUDiOSTRiKE | 16/08/2015 | 1.18 GB

          Ferocious collection of royalty free loops and one shot sounds covering a wide spectrum of hard dance genres ranging from 65BPM right up to 185BPM. Expect to hear Loud Brash Drums, Nasty Growling Bass and Edgy EDM Synths Hard EDM, Ready loops and sounds for Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Neurofunk, Heavy Trap, Gltch Hop, Brostep and Hard EDM. Inside the collection producers will find over 1.2GB of loops and one shot sounds from the dark side including Heavyweight Drums, Sparkling Top Loops, Aggressive Basses, Chunky EDM Synths, Dark Menacing Vocals and Killer Sound Effects plus bonus MIDI files. In detail, expect to find 1.36 GB of loops and one-shot sounds recorded at tempos of 65 to 185 BPM, including 44 Bass Loops, 50 Drum Loops, 51 Top Loops, 40 Music Loops, 120 Drum Hits, 40 Bass Stabs, 10 Multi-Sampled Bass Instruments, 29 SFX Hits, 10 Multi-Sampled Synth Instruments, 11 Vox Phrases, 185 REX2 Files, 29 MIDI Files and 88 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NN-XT and SFZ formats.

          Viewed 160392 By Music Producers.

          • Horns In Motion MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC
            February 27th, 2024 ⚡

            Horns In Motion MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

            Horns In Motion

            FANTASTiC | 30 April 2023 | 661.57 MB

            ‘Horns in Motion’! This 100% royalty free collection of otherworldly brass samples will bring a cinematic quality and an expansive sense of space to your productions straight out of the box. Over its 1GB size, Ethereal Brass features the beautiful sounds of Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Trombone and Bass Trombone with nearly 500 loops to choose from. Each loop has the option of using pre-mixed full section loops or breaking the section down into individual instrument loops so you can build and mix your own section. As well as the loops there are also a number of chords, stabs, swells, pads, and individual hits for you to choose from. Loops within play between 90-140bpm making this collection perfect for cinematic, ambient, downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop and many more!

            Viewed 126872 By Music Producers.

            • House Crates MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC
              February 27th, 2024 ⚡

              House Crates MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

              House Crates MULTiFORMAT

              FANTASTiC | 01 May 2023 | 157 MB

              Inside Crates, you’ll find over 250 MB of maximum tier House music sounds with a distinctly emotive and funk-laden style. The included synths and keys evoke the spirit of classic House, drawing upon a rich history of inspiration and bringing these sounds into the present day. Drum loops within combine drum machine rhythms with humanistic percussion to ensure maximum metric interest, alongside effortlessly funking basslines and top loops that with give you access to endlessly addictive grooves on tap. Loops within span between 124 to 135 BPM, making this collection perfect for House, classic House, deep House, tech House, melodic techno, future Garage and many more dance-oriented styles! In detail, expect to find 278 MB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 33 bass loops, 26 full drum loops, 26 top drum loops, 21 synth loops, 10 percussion loops, 7 keys loops, 6 synth chord loops and 3 combi loops. One-shots included are 58 drum hits, 33 synth hits, 19 percussion hits, 11 FX and 6 bass hits. There are also 46 soft sampler patches for Kontakt, EXS24/Sampler, NNXT and SFZ.

              Viewed 90606 By Music Producers.

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