• Pop Fusion Synths For MASSiVE-DiSCOVER
    September 4th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Pop Fusion Synths For MASSiVE-DiSCOVER

    Pop Fusion Synths For MASSiVE

    DiSCOVER | February 23 2016 | 7 MB

    ‘Pop Fusion Synths’ contains 70 premium quality presets for Massive, fusing various elements of urban and house music together like many of today’s commercial pop hits. Influences include Ty Dolla $ign, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake and more. This stylistically versatile sonic workhorse will find frequent use in a wide variety of your projects.  This collection is similar in concept to ‘Blazing Club Synths’, but with more emphasis on the urban side of things, with uptempo plucks, singing leads, heavy subs, snappy bass plucks and soulful pads.

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    • Artist Expansion: The Stereotypes v1.0.0 DVDR-SYNTHiC4TE
      October 24th, 2019 ⚡MaGeSY®


      The Stereotypes v1.0.0 DVDR

      SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 24 2019 | 563 MB

      Artist Expansion: The Stereotypes, a new expansion created by the chart-topping production team behind some of the last decade’s biggest hits. The Expansion is the first in a new artist-created series which channels the signature sounds of leading electronic music producers, sharing their own production toolkits with the world. ARTIST EXPANSION: THE STEREOTYPES encompasses the polished pop-production aesthetic that the team has contributed to Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Red Velvet, Cardi B, and many more. The genre-spanning sound gives a nod to R&B, West Coast hip-hop, funk, and EDM, uniting a squeaky-clean production aesthetic with a touch of underground edge.

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      • Soundset Session 001 For Massive KSD-DiSCOVER
        July 24th, 2019 ⚡MaGeSY®
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        Soundset Session 001 For Massive KSD

        DISCOVER | 29 MAY 2013 | 4 MB

        ‘Soundset Session 001 For Massive’ is the first in a series of the best NI Massive packs, bringing you an explosive mix of sounds. These sounds are perfectly matched to House, Dubstep, Electro, Electro House, and more! This time a pack for the incredible synth sound bank NI Massive!

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        • Warped Symmetry EXPANSiON v1.0.0 DVDR-DECiBEL


          Warped Symmetry EXPANSiON

          Team DECiBEL | 04 Jul 2019 | 1.38 GB


          Head-nodding electronica that transcends the dancefloor. Captures three decades of pioneering sound. Get 546 loops, 465 drum samples, 353 one-shots, and more

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          • Substance for MASSiVE-6581
            January 20th, 2019 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: KSD, MASSiVE, Presets


            Substance for MASSiVE

            Team 6581 | 02-2014 | 359.95 KB

            This soundset is styled towards Drum & Bass and covers many sounds which are popular within the genre. The sounds are also perfect for Dubstep and other styles of electronic music.

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            • WonderWobble Vol.1 Presets for NI Massive
              June 20th, 2018 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: KSD, MASSiVE, NMSV, Presets


              WonderWobble Vol.1 MASSiVE

              TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 09 May 2014 | 5.1 MB

              WonderWobble Vol. 1 is a collection of 25 pulsating synth leads, amazing pads, fat basses and a whole lot more that will make you wonder how they were even conceived – hence the name. This entire collection aims at providing you with the most diverse and broadest range of sounds possible in each and every patch you load. A lot of time and care went into programming each preset with 8 well thought out macro controls to give you incredible amounts of control and flexibility in both live and studio performances. In fact, some change so intensely through macro manipulation, that in the end they offer you a complete polar opposite of the original sound. They all have one thing in common though, The Wobble! And it varies from patch to patch how the wobble(s) are created and how they can be changed, giving you the maximum amount of diverse sounds possible in a bundle such as this. Don’t need a wobble? No problem. As you can hear in the examples below, all you need to do is twist a knob and away it goes.

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              • Deep Bionic Vol.1 for MASSiVE
                June 20th, 2018 ⚡MaGeSY®
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                Deep Bionic Vol.1 for MASSiVE

                P2P | .KSD | 13.75 MB

                DeepBionic Vol. 1 Mini Pack is the first in a line of NI Massive preset collections that aim to push the envelope of what people heave come to expect from this amazing synth. Exploring the outer limits of sound design with a synth this versatile is really a never-ending journey, so join us as we leave the boundaries behind and find new ways to create music, atmospheres, FX, soundscapes and instruments that may leave you wondering how they were ever conceived. This first installment in the series brings you blips, plucks, noises and bass that can be twisted and stretched in ways that will help bring new inspiration to your projects. It also features a couple of intense soundscape pads that are seemingness endless in what they can produce and where you can take them. From haunting and chilling to cute and fun, the sounds can considered avant-garde one moment and pop the next.

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