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  • Digital Sins Chromaphone 2 Soundpack-SYNTHiC4TE
    August 6th, 2018 ⚡
    Categories: Chromaphone, Presets


    Digital Sins For Chromaphone 2

    SYNTHiC4TE | August 04 2018 | 40.1 MB

    The 144 presets definitely gave us a retro-futuristic vibe. We discovered focused, bright, metallic, and percussive sounds that we considered truly distinctive. It felt a bit unusual considering the intrinsic acoustic grain of Chromaphone 2. And we didn’t suspect we could indulge so much of the digital aesthetics with it. The excursion was a real treat.

    Viewed 9921 By Music Producers.

  • Octagon Chromaphone 2 Soundpack MERRY XMAS-SYNTHiC4TE
    December 27th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: Chromaphone, Presets


    Octagon Chromaphone 2 Soundpack



    149-preset collection of carefully designed arpeggiated layered sounds. Sometimes pushing forward the richness of Chromaphone 2 to its full potential, at others opting for depth, finesse, and refined delicacy. On Octagon, Daniel takes full advantage of the arpeggiator’s density and intricacy. Packed with an inspiring cornucopia of arpeggiated synths, pads, basses, chords, stabs, flows, percussions, chimes, and angular special effects, Octagon unlocks your creativity at every turn.

    Viewed 3699 By Music Producers.

  • Lost in the Darkness Chromaphone Soundset-TZ Group
    January 29th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: Chromaphone, Presets


    Lost in the Darkness

    TZ Group | 29.01.2017 | 218.18 KB

    Chromaphone Soundset

    This soundset is about the darkness, it is inspired hell’s landscapes and tenebrous woods. I hope you can explore and enjoy the darkness with this soundset and helps you to make darker songs.
    It is formed by atonal keyboards, suspenseful drones, misterious strings, flutes and dark atmospheres. Lost in the Darkness is specially designed for dark electronica compositions and terrorific compositions for media and video games. All the 50 sounds have two variations letting you choose the optimum sound for your song.

    Viewed 4357 By Music Producers.

  • Condensed Energy Chromaphone Soundset-TZ Group
    January 19th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: Chromaphone, Presets


    Condensed Energy For Chromaphone

    TZ Group | 19.01.2017 | 227.62 KB

    Condensed Energy retains the power of real instruments in a smart package with very tight electric percussions, deep and soft drums, colourful and complex bells and evil soundscapes and SFX.
    I think that this soundset will bring to your musical projects a huge amount of energy and realism. The strength of Condensed Energy is that it is formed by realistic sounds and surrealistic sounds, thanks to the Chromaphone physical modeled resonators. This soundset is formed by a vast and wide variety of 128 unique sounds, that will awake your creative strengths. Condensed Energy is suitable for all kind of electronica compositions, media music and video games music or effects, bringing to your projects power and color.

    Viewed 3991 By Music Producers.

  • Avant Koncept Chromaphone Soundset-TZ Group
    January 19th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: Chromaphone, Presets


    Avant Koncept Chromaphone Soundset

    TZ Group | 19.01.2017 | 221.39 KB

    Avant Koncept is a new soundset, a critical tool conceived for electronic music producers wanting a cutting edge and versatile sound. Comprises a wide variety of patches from edgy and sinister to relaxing and ethereal. Avant Koncept is conceived with the multi genre idea in mind; this is a state of the art soundset for the modern electronic musician. Avant Koncept delivers composite mallets, bells and synth keyboards, ethereal and lush leads, frictional and rusty textures, stiff and deep percussions as well as heavy distorted and harsh industrial percussions, speaker blowing basses, mystical soundscapes, atmospheres and cinematic SFX.

    Viewed 6680 By Music Producers.

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