• Vir2 Instruments Violence KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
    February 25th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

    Vir2 Instruments Violence KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS

    Violence KONTAKT

    Team DYNAMiCS | Dec 2010 | 797.72 MB

    Created for both musical use and sound design, Violence features an unprecedented deconstruction of a solo violin recorded from numerous angles: bowed, scraped, hit, plucked, played with mallets, chopsticks, guitar picks, and wet fingers. Then the sound design was repitched, layered, and post-processed through an array of unusual tools to produce sounds unlike any found in other virtual instruments. More than eighty unique patches were designed, each with a custom set of scripted knobs and controls all conveniently organized into four categories of sounds: Drum Kits, Melodic, Pads and Sound Effects, and Tempo-Synced. The inspiration for Violence came from the influential American composer John Cage, whose extensive experiments with prepared piano yielded new timbres and effects. What Cage did on the piano, Violence brings to the violin: a new and unorthodox approach to a traditional instrument, yielding amazing and fresh new instruments, textures, and sound design elements. Violence combines physical alterations with digital manipulations for a sound that straddles acoustic and electronic realms.

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    • Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer KONTAKT-FANTASTiC
      July 24th, 2016 ⚡MaGeSY®


      Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer KONTAKT

      FANTASTiC | July 24 2016 | 7.3 GB

      Aeris combines the usefulness and practicality of beautifully recorded male & female choirs and solo singers with the powerful sound design capabilities of the Kontakt engine. Vir2 multi-sampled all singers performing vowels Ah’s, Oh’s, Oo’s, and Hums. Composers will easily be able to create lush vocal performances for their projects with different articulations including non-vibrato, vibrato, and true legato. In order to give users a fresh take on vocal performances, Vir2 collaborated with industry-leading professional sound designers to create a diverse collection of vocal pads using Aeris’ choir and solo singer sample content.

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