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    Guitar Weapon 3 CDDA

    Team CHiC | 2003/05/26 | 190.03 MB

    ArpegioHealing / FunkyBounceDance / SlappyBounce / DartyBounce / BizareGuitarSound

    Also heat of the GuitarWeapon1&2 cools down, the shooting? The No3 [the TORAME] with the name is appearance at Bick! Contents furthermore are the luxurious SI rising which was upgraded! It depends on the certain professional musician considerable quality – with you just hear the gooseflesh mono is. The valuable CD which is stored to the framework which calls that valuable performance the sampling CD, heart it does not occur and would like you to use!

    Viewed 669 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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    The World Of Hideyo Amamoto CDDA

    Team CHiC | 2003/05/26 | 159.88 MB

    This CD has become the valuable board. The present quantity the above-mentioned valuable board CD page viewing. This time Japan is not will be changed or, the ЄГ! Each magazine, we have advertised gradually with each program, the actor series. This time, your this “we would like to change Japan ” one! It is appearance ” of main English world of the heaven”! 74 years in the nice utterance which cannot be thought, current Japan the thoughtless cutting ЄГ!

    Viewed 793 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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    Drum Point 1 + 2 + 4 CDDA

    Team CHiC | 2003/05/28 | 182.27 MB+171.15 MB+107.08 MB

    DRUM POINT SERIES fourth of large popularity feature increased, waiting!

    It is the DRUM series! Sound of the raw drum from all angles collection sound cd which is done. Very it is the ti which eats to also the KAERUCAFE chart by all means Bu toy CD. It is FUNK drum loop collection! Just a little it is twisted and the it is I feeling does not accumulate it fully loads the Telecom LOOP!

    Viewed 1025 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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