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  • E-LAB X-Static Goldmine Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AKAi KONTAKT WAV
    October 15th, 2023 ⚡


    E-LAB X-Static Goldmine FULL

    MaGeSY® | KONTAKT, WAV, AKAi | 4.79 GB

    E-Lab X-Static Goldmine 1 The world famous X-Static Goldmine 1. The largest sample CD ever! 4000 loops and samples in Akai format. All sounds from the two classics – XL1 and X-Static Goldmine. Hip Hop breaks, electronic beats, House grooves, vocoder loops, Tekno loops, Acid 303 loops, synth zaps, warped noises, vector pads, ambient drones, atmospheric swirls, moog bass, chords, acid bleeps, 303 tones, didgeridoos, ethnic flutes, horn stabs, flute riffs, string runs, sax tones, organ tones, guitar tschaks, multi-sampled 808 & 909 drums, vinyl style, Kraftwerk percussion, CR78 drums, tape FX, chants, rolls, robot speech, moans, crowd noises and much much more!

    Viewed 212537 By Music Producers.

    • E-Lab Nu Groove RnB WAV-P2P
      May 5th, 2023 ⚡
      Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

      E-Lab Nu Groove RnB WAV-P2P

      E-Lab Nu Groove RnB

      P2P | 04 September 2013 | 397 MB

      Tight and authentic programmed beats that range from laid-back hip hop style to funked-up grooves – with excellent quality throughout. From booming kicks to snappy snares and everything in between, it is a collection for the street-savvy producer with a nu-school slant. A follow-up to the highly acclaimed Strictly RnB from the same stable, it packs high quality beats with variations and single-shot samples.

      Viewed 15808 By Music Producers.

      • eLAB X-Files of House WAV
        January 21st, 2023 ⚡
        Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

        eLAB X-Files of House WAV

        👽X-Files of House👽

        P2P | xx.xx.2000 | 196.58 MB

        Chicago, new york, miami & washington, try naming any of the influential cities where famous dj & dance producers come from, than you know what this cd represents. house, house & nothing but house. the x-file series represent e-lab’s will to delver deeper into the underground. taking you & the samples back to where they came from. get this one if you wanna inject the true sound & energy of underground house music.

        Viewed 13037 By Music Producers.

        • eLAB X-Static Goldmine 4 WAV [ORGANiZED]
          December 30th, 2022 ⚡
          Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

          eLAB X-Static Goldmine 4 WAV [ORGANiZED]

          eLAB X-Static Goldmine 4

          P2P | 09 November 2022 | 611.68MB

          X-Static Goldmine 4 was subtitled “chillin out in da orb”, and it sure seems appropriate since all the ambient, triphop & dubby drum loops, just screams “far-out-space”. For example how about deep trancey phased out loops? Ethnic crossover breaks? Or maybe some cone blowing jungle or ragga loops? Well with transformed chants, experimental seq or hypnotic psychedelic delays -this CD will definitely take you to another dimension. All loops, FX and chords are super hard panned against each other to help you hear the samples in context and still to cram more sounds into the CD.

          Viewed 12370 By Music Producers.

          • E-Lab Nu Directions: Phuture Sound of House WAV
            July 7th, 2022 ⚡
            Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

            E-Lab Nu Directions Phuture Sound of House WAV-MaGeSY

            Phuture Sound of House

            P2P | xx August 2002 | 306.6MB

            Nu Directions: Phuture Sound Of House is a respected and renowned collection of house samples and loops. It is your nu guidance into the world of smooth, jazzy, sexy signature deep house. Over 2000 phunky, vibey house grooves and musical phrases, including 500+ 4-on-the-floor drum and percussion loops. Top that with 400+ music and bass loops filled with both soul and atmosphere. All are intelligently grouped into five different categories.

            Viewed 16976 By Music Producers.

            • E-Lab Ballistix Phatboy Beats And Chemical Treats WAV
              September 8th, 2021 ⚡
              Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

              E-Lab Ballistix Phatboy Beats And Chemical Treats WAV

              Ballistix Phatboy Beats & Chemical Treats

              P2P | Mar 17, 2016 | 371 MB

              The library of one of the leading, which occupies a leading market position in the sample library, contains a ready-made magnifiers (over 1700), and separate van-shots (kick, snare, hihat) + vocal phrases, bass, FX’y written for areas such as Breaks, Chemical, Acid, Break Beat, Big Beat, etc. If you want to write hard bits, a broken rhythms and add something original in its track, then you have come to the wrong address!

              Viewed 12748 By Music Producers.

              • E-Lab XTc Files Of Techno WAV-P2P
                September 7th, 2021 ⚡
                Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

                E-Lab XTc Files Of Techno WAV-P2P

                E-Lab XTc Files Of Techno

                P2P | 03-16-2016 | 222 MB

                Frankfurt? Berlin? Detroit? Ring any bells? You Hardcore DJs and Techno producers know exactly what we’re talking about! XTcFiles of Techno is only for the headstrong and its force might blow you, your speakers and the neighbors away! Shuffly, funky Techno beats, bangin’ hard House, rough & ready pounding Acid Hardcore loops await you– construction kits, hard beats, insane distortion, Acid loops, rimshots & hihats, pads, deep bass, FX, vox, Mixx loops, vocals, drum hits, 909, 808, Moog, 303 and more! This disc will pound for years to come! Made by the underground… for the underground.

                Viewed 13218 By Music Producers.

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