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  • Cembalo Mietke Model HAUPTWERK
    December 20th, 2022 ⚡

    Cembalo Mietke Model HAUPTWERK

    Cembalo Mietke Model

    P2P | 28 November 2022 | 4.35 GB

    The featured instrument was built by the workshop Jan Bečička & Stanislav Hüttl & Petr Šefl, Hradec Králové, in 2005.It is modelled according to the two-manual harpsichord of a German type, the historical instrument conserved at Charlottenburg, built by Michael Mietke (Berlin) in about 1710. The measures of the modern replica we recorded are taken from this historical instrument which served as a template. Strings are from brass. Tuning was set to the original 415 Hz. The compass is FF-f3 with disposition I 8´, I 4´, II 8´, II buff stop (Laute). Manual coupler. The instrument is remarkable by warm, gentle, colorful sound, which, especially in descant is not that sharp and strident, but more piano-like.

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    • 1731 Gottfried Silbermann Organ HAUPTWERK
      October 30th, 2022 ⚡

      1731 Gottfried Silbermann Organ HAUPTWERK

      1731 Gottfried Silbermann Organ

      P2P | 30 October 2022 | 6.09 GB

      The instrument is located in a historical village church in East Germany near Dresden, based on a church of the 13th century, which was reconstructed and extended during the following centuries, last in 1742. The church acoustics is dry and clear because of the large amount of wooden installations. The organ was built in 1729-31 by Gottfried Silbermann of Frauenstein/Sachsen, Germany. Gottfried Silbermann organ types can be divided into different architecture classes. This instrument represents a typical Silbermann middle-sized church organ and was one of the favourite instruments of Helmut Walcha and Herbert Collum/Kreuzkirche of Dresden. Typical Gottfried Silbermann organ features are strong and sharp aliquote stops, such as the 1 1/2′, 2′ and 3′, rich and warm 8′ Principal stops and bright superoctave stops, such as the 4′, 2′ and 1′. There are very characteristic basic stops such as the Rohrflöte 8′ and Quintadena 8′. The resulting sound is bright, clear and sonorous. The organist doesn’t need many stops to achieve a rich plenum registration. The organ is tuned to the so-called historical “Chorton” (a1=465 Hz).

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      • Krzeszow Poland HAUPTWERK
        February 26th, 2022 ⚡

        Krzeszow Poland HAUPTWERK

        Krzeszow Poland HAUPTWERK

        P2P | 01 November 2021 | 11.33 GB

        The instrument was built in 1732-1737 by Michael Engler. A representative instrument of the Silesian organbuilding has 3 manuals and a pedal, alltogether 50 stops. The Positiv occupies the lowest manual and is positioned in two small cases in the balustrade. One case is dedicated for the C part of the windchest the other for the D part. Hauptwerk (2nd manual) and Oberwerk (3rd manual) and the Pedal are located in the main case which spans wide through the full width of the church nave. The Oberwerk occupies the center of the case, Hauptwerk is divided into the C and D side to the left and to the right of the Oberwerk, and the Pedal is located in the two side towers and at the back of the organ case. All the three divisions are perhaps surprisingly situated on the same horizontal level, although this design is rather common in the Silesian (and Central-Germany) organ building of the period. The “Werk-Prinzip” was not abandoned, but restructured. Perhaps, the general idea of this design was to achieve more homogeneous sound.

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        • 1928 Mt. Carmel E.M. Skinner HAUPTWERK
          September 20th, 2021 ⚡


          E.M. Skinner HAUPTWERK

          P2P | 30 October 2020 | 6.97 GB

          Termed “The American Classic”, the Grand Organ of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Chicago, Illinois is one of the few Skinner organs that remains in nearly all of its original state. Organists now have the opportunity to play this magnificent and historic instrument of the early 20th Century in two versions, one with original acoustics and the MasterWorks Edition which features dry pipe samples without acoustics.

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          • St Michel HAUPTWERK
            July 4th, 2021 ⚡

            St Michel HAUPTWERK

            St Michel HAUPTWERK

            P2P | 20 June 2020 | 3.16 GB

            The former Benedictine monastery of St. Michel en Thierache is one of the mediaeval gems of Northern France. Founded in 7th century, it flourished first during the 11th-13th, and then in the 17th-18th, centuries. During its history, the abbey was damaged several times by fire, the last time in 1971. Fortunately, the organ was dismantled for reconstruction at that time, so it escaped destruction. It also escaped damage during previous fires, the French revolution, and the First World War. Because of this almost miraculous history, the instrument built by Jean Boizard in 1714 is believed to be one of the rarely preserved instruments representative of the era of Louis XIV. It perfectly expresses the language of the French organ of the late 17th century, of the so called Grand Siecle period. This type of organ is different in important details from the design of the French organ during the Enlightment of 18th century (e.g. Dom Bédos, fr. Isnard etc.).

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            • Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ v4.2.1.003 x86 x64 WiN
              June 8th, 2021 ⚡
              Categories: HAUPTWERK, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


              Hauptwerk v4.2.1.003 WiN

              P2P | 01 November 2019 | 2.32 GB

              The King of All Virtual Instruments

              Hauptwerk is state-of-the-art virtual instrument software for Macs and PCs bringing the world’s best pipe organs within reach of musicians everywhere. Used for study and practice by professional and amateur organists, organ enthusiasts, and organ students, Hauptwerk is the world’s leading virtual pipe organ software providing high-resolution audio and unparalleled flexibility in MIDI interfacing with digital organ consoles and pro-audio applications.

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              • Kispest Pipe Organ Samples KO HAUPTWERK
                May 26th, 2021 ⚡

                Kispest Pipe Organ Samples KO HAUPTWERK

                Kispest Pipe Organ Samples KO HAUPTWERK

                P2P | 08/08/2014 | 5.98 GB

                Kispest Pipe Organ Samples (KO) Personal Edition is a 38-stop romantic virtual pipe organ chromatically sampled stop-by-stop. The Kispest Pipe Organ is the first ever virtual pipe organ to feature a unique realtime spatial adjustability in its Professional Edition, and Dynamic KeyboardMass™ control in all its Editions. The Hauptwerk 3 compatible sample set ships with multiple loops, multilple releases. The Personal Edition features a wide stereo. The 1927/2001 Rieger-Varga organ, located at the Notre Dame of Kispest is considered simply as one of the best sounding romantic instrument in the wider region. Feature highlight: Dynamic KeyboardMass™ functionality simulating the real keyboards.

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