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    Drum-80 v1.0.0 WiN

    Team R2R | 29 July 2023 | 31.7 MB

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    GSi Drum-80 reproduces that exact scenario. It contains two separate sound engines that can play at the same time. One engine recreates the sounds of the famous electronic drum module known as the Simmons SDS-V (very similar to the later SDS-8 model); at the same time, the exclusive GSi WLF Engine plays a multi-sample of real cymbals recorded exclusively for Drum-80. We all know and use electronic drums today, but at the beginning of the 80’s the first electronic drums were a real novelty that revolutionized not only the sound of music of those years, but also the workflow in the recording studio. Many producers preferred to record the sound of electronic drums rather than acoustic drums because it saved time and money, avoiding having to mount microphones, find the right positions, spend hours equalizing and correcting the recorded material. With an electronic drum set it was quicker: it was enough to connect the cables and maybe find the right sound for the song, which was a perfect scenario especially for many low-cost productions, for example those of pop music.

    Main features:
    – Virtual Analog Engine based on the famous SDS-V drum module
    – Sampled Cymbal sounds (Hi-Hat, Ride, 4 Crashes, 3 Splashes) provided by the exclusive GSi WLF Engine
    – Full Polyphony
    – Separate section with adjustments for Cymbal sounds (tuning, leveling and EQ)
    – Stereo 1176-Style Limiter
    – Stereo Delay effect
    – Stereo Reverb effect
    – Built-in programmer with unlimited Programs
    – Embedded user’s manual
    – Available as Stand-alone application and audio plugin
    – Very low CPU and RAM usage

    Drum-80 v1.0.0 WiN-R2R
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