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  • Panoramic Wave Generator KONTAKT-ZiNC

    Panoramic Wave Generator KONTAKT

    ZiNC | 21 December 2014 | 464 MB

    The Panoramic Wave Generator is an experimental sound generating sample library for the Kontakt sampler from Native Instruments.Do you remember the early days of sampling? Or making long, low speed tape loops? That was the inspiration for the Panoramic Wave Generator. I still have an old Akai S-612 and it is one of those things that I just never get tired of. You can take a sound and stretch it across the entire keyboard. Depending on your sound it can sound like a howling demon in the low registers or a shrieking bird of prey on the high notes. Of course the old Akai has something like 2 seconds of sampling time.

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  • Custom VL-1 KONTAKT-ZiNC
    May 27th, 2021 ⚡

    Custom VL-1 KONTAKT

    ZiNC | 02-02-2015 | 23 MB

    Introducing the Custom VL-1. Casio’s first instrument in the VL-Tone line. It featured synth, sequencer and calculator. Loved by many electronic musicians for it’s unique, lo-fi sounds. Most notably used by Athlete, Dee Lite, Trio, The Human League, Talking Heads and many more. Includes speed, drive and warmth controls to subtly edit the samples.  Includes ADSR programmed patches Little blippy lo-fi synth sounds created by typing in many sequences of eight digit numbers used to programme this little beast.

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  • image

    Epic Laundry v1.5 MULTiFORMAT

    ZiNC | 02-02-2015 | 163 MB

    Deep in the heart of the darkest basement lies a hidden world of sound, undreamed of by mortal men! Only there, past cobwebs and junk that you haven’t seen since the 8th grade picnic, will you find Epic Laundry. Experience the percussive power of a washer, dryer, and other odds and ends that were laying around the area when I recorded them. There are big changes in v1.5 of Epic Laundry. One might even say a whole laundry-list of them. If one were using bad puns. Entirely remastered sound and new recordings! I was unhappy with some aspects of the original release, and so I remastered everything that was there to begin with, re-recorded parts, and added a lot of entirely new content. Halion compaitbility! Thanks to Bo Clausen, who has provided Halion users with a near-full set of patches to use in their sampler. Some instruments remain Kontakt exclusive due to the nature of their construction, but there is plenty for Halion users to enjoy.

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  • MiDi Will Tear Us ApArt-ZiNC
    March 14th, 2015 ⚡


    MiDi Will Tear Us ApArt

    ZiNC | 13/03/2015 | 84 MB

    Simple midi library of ALL releases from the last 5-6 years. As usual Big thanks to any and all TEAMS for the original source material. The library was put together for a piece of software i am developing but thought it would be useful to many as a resource/archive of all the packs released so far..Still some work to do and will post the v2 on completion…

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  • Cathedral Of Junk KONTAKT-ZiNC
    February 4th, 2015 ⚡


    Cathedral Of Junk KONTAKT

    ZiNC | 03.02.2015 | 255 MB

    Austin, Texas is an odd place. So odd in fact, that “Keep Austin Wierd” is virtually the officially recognized slogan of the city itself. The place is packed full of artists and art, musicians and the instruments behind them. In fact, there’s a shop on 6th St, at the heart of downtown Austin, where you can buy a guitar-shaped toilet seat, complete with sunburst finish. Among the strange are many really interesting and creative people, each exploring and giving back in their own way. Sometimes a guy just wants to build a towering castle of steel, plastic, glass and all manner of other glorious scraps that modern progress and consumption has wrought in his own backyard for over 20 years. And sometimes a guy has to fight for the right to keep what he’s built when the powers that be come along and tell him to tear it all down. Meet Vince Hannemann, the “Junk King”, and welcome to his amazing Cathedral of Junk.

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  • image

    Monster Cookie Tins v1.0 KONTAKT

    ZiNC | 02-02-2015 | 205 MB

    Lurking deep in the darkest closet of many a mom or grandma, waiting to strike at unwary guests, you will find them… cookie tins. These insidious purveyors of delicious treats come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Some are festooned with holiday trappings, offering a false sense of well being and cheer. Others bear an image of their delicious contents, tempting those who stray too near. But what happens to these tins when their cookies are consumed, leaving them empty and seemingly useless? In most cases they simply accumulate, multiplying until they fill all available free space. But these dangerous cans are not merely nettlesome clutter. In the hands of a skilled percussionist (or, even in my hands) they become exotic musical instruments with delicate overtones and a unique, tinny sound. Come and explore the myriad mysteries and delights of Monster Cookie Tins!

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