• Core Basics Of Premiere Pro For Beginners TUTORiAL
    April 18th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Core Basics Of Premiere Pro For Beginners TUTORiAL

    Core Basics Of Premiere Pro

    P2P | 18 April 2022 | 129 MB

    This Class Is For The People Who Don’t Even Know How Editing Is Done. I’ve Thought Core Basics Of Premiere Pro So That It’s Easy & Very Beginners Friendly Class. Is Premiere Pro Beginner friendly? Premiere Pro is a good editor for beginners because it’s extremely versatile. As the industry-standard video editor, numerous tutorials are available to help new users understand the software’s tools and features. Premiere Pro also lets beginners learn how to edit a video’s audio and graphics Make Sure You Follow Everything In Order To Edit Great Videos ;)

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    • Premiere Pro Introductory Course TUTORiAL
      February 26th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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      Premiere Pro Introductory Course TUTORiAL

      Premiere Pro Introductory Course

      P2P | 14 January 2022 | 6.39 GB

      Premiere Pro is found in most of the production facilities around the world so learning Premiere means there are many possibilities for employment. The program has really come into its own over the last decade. For example, David Fincher’s Gone Girl was the first major Hollywood production cut entirely on Premiere Pro. Although Premiere is a professional program, there are plenty of people learning Premiere who want to do their own projects. Premiere is perfect for professional settings as well as the home studio. For those who are completely new to Premiere Pro and editing programs, and those wishing to take Premiere to a professional level, this course works its way through the fundamentals from the ground up and thoroughly covers the essentials, including: importing footage, organizing folders, creating sequences, trimming and rearranging footage, workflow considerations, transitions, effects, audio, Lumetri Scopes, exporting and archiving your project.

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      • Premiere Pro 2021: Beginner to Advanced in 2 Days Masterclass TUTORiAL
        October 10th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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        Premiere Pro 2021 Masterclass TUTORiAL

        Premiere Pro 2021 Masterclass

        P2P | 07 August 2021 | 6.36 GB

        Premiere Pro is the industry benchmark software used all around the world for video editing. If you are serious-minded about creating expert-looking videos, then this lesson is for you. Learn from an Adobe Certified Instructor who will take you from knowing nothing or just a little to a level where you can positively edit any kind of video. Even if you are a knowledgeable editor, you will still learn lots of new tips and tricks that you wish you knew before! Throughout this training, you will learn how to edit in sections of Introduction, Speed, Motion, Audio, Improve Sound, Multi-Camera, Video Effects, Colour, Compositing, Graphics and Export. All the files (footage, audio files, references, clips, etc) used on the course will be available to download so you can follow each lesson along.

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        • Advanced Training With Premiere Pro CC TUTORiAL
          September 18th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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          Advanced Training With Premiere Pro CC TUTORiAL

          Advanced Training Premiere Pro

          P2P | 11 August 2021 | 8.26 GB

          This course is aimed at people who already know the fundamentals of Adobe Premiere Pro or who have completed my Adobe Premiere Pro Essentials course. If you have developed your own way of doing things but you realise there are so many tools, updates & time saving techniques that you haven’t had time to explore then this course is definitely for you.

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          • Montage Presets For Premiere Pro
            June 30th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: MULTiMEDiA, Presets

            Montage Presets For Premiere Pro

            Montage Presets For Premiere Pro

            P2P | 30 June 2021 | 3.98 GB | SFX ONLY: 28 MB

            Transitions, Titles, Effects, VHS, LUTs & More

            FX Presets Pack offers all the presets you’ll ever need for creating a video that will wow your audience from the get-go. Our huge presets bundle for Premiere Pro is jampacked with countless design elements, features and presets so you can create a professional video in minutes.

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            • How to Use Premiere Pro 2020
              June 9th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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              How to Use Premiere Pro 2020

              How to Use Premiere Pro 2020

              P2P | 27 September 2020 | 2.09 GB

              If you are new to whole world of video editing, video production etc, maybe you’ve set your sights on becoming the world’s greatest YouTube superstar, or maybe you just wanna make some entertaining cat videos that have a level professionalism above the rest, if you’ve decided that Adobe Premiere Pro is gonna be your video editing program of choice from now on to bust out some cracking videos, then this class is going to take you through all the basic skills and techniques that you need to create great looking videos in Premiere Pro 2020.

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