• Mastering Metal Mixing: Finalizing Your Mix
    June 10th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Mastering Metal Mixing Finalizing Your Mix

    Mastering Metal Mixing: Finalizing Your Mix

    FANTASTiC | 18 September 2020 | 3.51 GB

    14 Video lessons in HD / 6h 15m of class content

    Polish Every Element In Your Mix.

    How to put the finishing touches on a mix that takes it from good to great. In this class you’ll learn tricks for using automation to fine-tune a track’s problem areas and how EQ, compression and effects can add polish to each element in the mix. You’ll also learn essential pre-mastering skills to help you easily transition a track from the mixing phase to mastering. Learn how to put the finishing touches on your mixed tracks – join Eyal for Mastering Metal Mixing: Finalizing Your Mix and make your mixes shine.

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    • Finisher MiCRO v1.0.1 WiN-R2R
      June 9th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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      Finisher MiCRO v1.0.1 WiN-R2R

      Finisher MiCRO v1.0.1 WiN

      Team R2R | September 27 2020 | 51.61 MB


      Finisher is not a Chorus, not a Reverb, Compressor or EQ – it is all of the above and way more, because it uses these effects as building blocks to create finishing touches for your tracks.It’s been designed to be your companion that always has a fresh idea up its sleeve. Finisher MICRO will keep inspiring you, and protects you from recording or mixing a bland and boring track ever again. Finisher MICRO is for just about anyone recording music or sound. Musicians, producers, sound designers and even podcasters will appreciate the special dash of creativity and inspiration. How Does it Work? Every Mode and its Amount Knob assignments are a complex sound design piece to create one particular “change of scene” for your instrument.

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