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  • Electric Funk: Retro 80s Funk MULTiFORMAT

    Electric Funk Retro 80s Funk Multiformat Magesy

    Retro 80s Funk MULTiFORMAT

    P2P | 03 September 2018 | 4.6 GB

    We set out to make the most authentic mid 80s Electro Funk sample collection currently available. To do this we went back to the original machines, technology and production techniques used by artists and producers of the era.  I once worked for DMC UK – a company who in the 90s pioneered remix culture. One part of my studio duties was to transfer the master recording tapes from 2inch analog tape onto DAT for worldwide remixers. During that time I learned so much about record production by listening and experiencing so many of the world-class multitrack recordings that passed through our transfer studio

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    • USB Charlie The Retro Organ Module v1.0 VSTi MAS RTAS AU DVDR-AI
      April 5th, 2024 ⚡
      Categories: AU, macOS, MAS PLUGiNS, RTAS, USB, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x86

      USB Charlie The Retro Organ Module v1.0 VSTi MAS RTAS AU DVDR-AI

      Charlie The Retro Organ v1.0

      Team AI | 29.02.2004 | 1.72 GB

      HiBRiD § VSTi, MAS, RTAS, AU

      CHARLIE is focused on famous electric organ sounds. The included sound library is enormous, because nothing beats the real sound quality of a genuine organ, recorded with the vintage equipment favored by purists everywhere. The leslies were carefully miked and recorded with low and high rotor speed. Charlie is powered by our amazing sample-playback engine, allowing musicians to play complex parts without the polyphony restrictions of modeling. A clearly-designed interface helps you to make the necessary sound adjustments… The included organs are from Hammond of course, but also Elka and other select organ makers.

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      • Electric Sunburst Deluxe v1.1.0 KONTAKT
        February 28th, 2024 ⚡
        Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

        Electric Sunburst Deluxe v1.1.0 KONTAKT

        Electric Sunburst Deluxe v1.1.0 KONTAKT

        FANTASTiC | 28 February 2024 | 6.26 GB


        ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE is a powerful, expanded version of the hugely popular ELECTRIC SUNBURST. This DELUXE instrument draws from the same meticulously captured iconic electric guitar and adds a wealth of user-requested features, including a second instrument for melodic playing, more patterns, enhanced performance controls, and new effects. With a fully versatile instrument, you can produce authentic, finished tracks for any modern production effortlessly.

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        • Hammers And Waves Electric v1.1.0 KONTAKT-FANTASTiC
          February 10th, 2024 ⚡
          Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

          Hammers And Waves Electric v1.1.0 KONTAKT-FANTASTiC-MaGeSY

          Hammers + Waves Electric KONTAKT

          FANTASTiC | 10 February 2024 | 9.08 GB


          Hammers + Waves Electric reproduces the lively energy of vintage electric pianos, restored to mint condition and then sampled with innovative robotic automation. The set includes a classic suitcase piano and a warm, reedy electric piano, with various mic positions and cabinets to get the sound just right.

          Viewed 12996 By Music Producers.

          • Electric Guitar Melodies WAV
            February 2nd, 2024 ⚡
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Electric Guitar Melodies WAV-MaGeSY

            Electric Guitar Melodies

            P2P | 02 February 2024 | 1.33 GB

            Introducing “Electric Guitar Melodies” – Your Indie, Folk, and Pop Inspiration! Experience the authentic sounds of a live recorded electric guitar with our carefully curated sample and loop content product. “Electric Guitar Melodies” offers you 1.5 GB of premium content to enrich your music production. Enjoy the variety of indie, folk and pop genres captured through the melodies of a talented guitarist. “Electric Guitar Melodies” is a gateway to unlocking the true essence of indie, folk, and pop music. Elevate your compositions, captivate your audience, and embark on a sonic journey with this essential addition to your music production toolkit. Embrace the organic beauty of live recorded electric guitar melodies and let your creativity soar.

            Viewed 16652 By Music Producers.

            • Electric Piano Soul WAV
              December 23rd, 2023 ⚡
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Electric Piano Soul WAV-MaGeSY

              Electric Piano Soul

              P2P | 23 December 2023 | 4.79 GB

              Introducing Electric Piano Soul – real & retro Wurlitzer loops with the sound of the ’70s. The Wurlitzer Electric Piano Soul Sample and Loop Collection is a library of authentic, live-recorded chords and solo loops that bring the timeless retro charm of the Wurlitzer electric piano right to your fingertips. Experience the warmth and character of this iconic instrument with 6.6 GB of premium loops, carefully selected and recorded live to give you an unparalleled musical experience. With 2156 Real Wurlitzer electric piano loops, every loop is a showcase of the skill and artistry of our dedicated musicians. With 1078 AMP loops and 1078 DI loops, you have the flexibility to choose between two different sound profiles that allow you to customize the sound to your unique creative vision.

              Viewed 13625 By Music Producers.

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