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    Harpsichord KONTAKT WiN AU

    DiSCOVER | May 08 2016 | 644 MB

    Kontakt: 128 MB • WiN VSTi x86 x64: 25 5MB • MacOSX/AU: 260 MB

    Harpsichords are a form of keyboard instrument with a history as far back as the Renaissance, predating the modern piano by several hundred years. The only problem with the design of the harpsichord was that it lacks the ability to create dynamics naturally. Instead, different stops must be used to achieve different timbres and volumes, like on organs. This particular harpsichord is a hand-built modern replica based on designs from the Baroque period and features two different stops.

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    Glockenspiel KONTAKT VSTi AU

    DiSCOVER | May 08 2016 | 358 MB

    Kontakt: 185 MB • WiN VSTi x86 x64: 111 MB • MacOSX/AU: 60 MB

    The ear-ringing (not bell-ringing) descendant of the carillon is the not-very-intimidating-looking Glockenspiel. However, one must beware its ability to surpass even the piccolo in pain due to high notes. Our glock is slightly more on the mellow side, but, recorded up close, provides a great rich fill of the harmonics, not to mention a lovely quiet end for those cute songs about winter and snow fall when a celeste just won’t do. Unlike most sampled glocks, you get to hear the full natural impact of the mallet and get a full range of dynamics. If you don’t like the impact, just add a high-pass filter, we won’t mind.

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    Dan Tranh KONTAKT VSTi AU

    DiSCOVER | May 08 2016 | 821 MB

    Kontakt: 170 MB • WiN VSTi x86 x64: 430 MB• MacOXS/AU: 221 MB

    The Dan Tranh is a traditional zither originating from Vietnam. It is considerably longer than its European and American cousins, and is also Tuned as a Pentatonic Instrument. 16-17 metal strings run the length of the instrument with bridges halfway for each string. In traditional performance on this instrument, one hand plucks the strings on one side of these bridges using plectrums (finger-picks) and the other hand bends the pitches of the notes as desired on the other side of the bridges. This allows an incredibly dynamic and unique performance which is very hard to sample and replicate.

    Viewed 794 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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    Hand Chimes KONTAKT AU VSTi

    DiSCOVER | May 08 2016 | 171 MB

    Kontakt: 100 MB • WiN VSTi x86 x64: 44 MB • MacOSX/AU: 26 MB

    Hand Chimes are a strange quirk of musical evolution. Created as a cheaper and more durable alternative to hand bells, these giant mutant ninja tuning forks have a mellow sound that is best described as a cross between a xylophone, a music box, and a celesta.These sound excellent in all sorts of textures, but as we found out, they’re really great with arpeggios (listen to the demos down to the right). You can also get great effects by pushing the attack back. Use them as an alternative to celesta when you get tired of that sound, or almost like mallet percussion.

    Viewed 813 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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    Marimba KONTAKT AU VSTi

    DiSCOVER | May 08 2016 | 512 MB

    • Kontakt: 284 MB • Winx32-64-Bit: 147 MB • MacOSX/AU: 80 MB

    The Marimba is a relative of the xylophone, distinct for its large, typically semi-tubular resonators found underneath the keys, and larger range than its smaller counterpart. Its history is complex, having early origins in Africa and Central America, but it found a prominent home in the halls of America’s Vaudeville at the start of the 20th Century. The marimba is unique from many modern instruments in that its playing style is still evolving quite rapidly, with new applications and playing techniques coming forth every few years.

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    ChorX v1.5.2 WiN

    Team V.R | 12 April 2016 | 7.86 MB

    AAX RTAS VSTi x86 x64

    Chor’X combines four types of Vintage Chorus effects, based on Bucket-Brigade Delay (BBD) emulation with a sophisticated True Stereo Dynamic Spatializer. With this duo, it becomes very easy to add space , depth, and other dimensions to your instruments, and achieve complex and intriguing mixes. The new Legacy/Advanced feature allows a fast workflow to choose and tweak your prefered chorus model. You want only a standard famous chorus algorithm ? Keep the Legacy view, select your specific mode, that’s all ! Just add a bit of space by moving the outputs in the Stereo field. You want more, would like to change a bit the LFO rate or Amount of your chorus model ? Click on the Advanced button and change the Chorus parameter as you did with the previous Chor’X version.

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    Le Masque Delay v1.5.1 WiN

    Team V.R | 12 April 2016 | 6.7 MB

    AAX RTAS VSTi x86 x64

    Le Masque :Delay lets you specify in a very accurate way which part or parts of the dry signal will be processed by the Delay unit and its components and modulators. The Masked zones of the grid are processed by the Delay Unit, while all the audio data outside of the Masks remain unchanged.

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