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  • 212 M65 Cream (IR Library) [WAV Kemper]
    July 4th, 2021 ⚡

    212 M65 Cream IR Library

    212 M65 Cream IR Library

    P2P | 04 Jul 2021 | 76.7MB

    212 M65 Cream Cab Pack is based on a custom 2×12 “Golden” cabinet loaded with Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speakers. The slightly oversized dimensions of this cabinet give you the low end fullness of a 4×12 with the focus and clarity of a 2×12. The tone is warm and balanced with rich low-mids, a thick and woody midrange, and a sweet top end range that easily handles both aggressive rhythm tones as well as warm liquid leads. The M65 Cream is a perfect blend of vintage and modern character in a single speaker. This pack features a total of 145 IRs with 129 single mic captures created using twelve vintage and modern microphones through top tier outboard equipment. It also contains 16 meticulously crafted ear-tuned multi-mic Mixes designed to give you incredible tonal options with minimal amp tweaking. Microphones used in this Cab Pack

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    • 212 DV77 (IR Library) [WAV Kemper]
      July 4th, 2021 ⚡

      212 DV77 (IR Library) [WAV Kemper]

      212 DV77 IR LiBRARY

      P2P | 04 Jul 2021 | 76.7MB

      (IR Library) [WAV Kemper]

      212 DV77 Cab Pack is based on a custom 2×12 cabinet loaded with Eminence DV-77 speakers. The tone is simply massive and balanced with great character that rides the line between something new and something familiar. The low end is BIG and kicks like a 4×12, but with the focus of a 2×12. The midrange is forward and balanced. And the top end has great pick attack and note clarity without the presence peak we hear in many modern speakers. Although the DV-77 is mainly thought of as a drop-tuned metal speaker, it also plays surprisingly well with British mid-gain tones and is at home with a humbucker loaded 7-string as well as a single coil 6-string. This pack features 129 Single Mic captures along with 16 multi-mic Mixes for a total of 145 IRs.

      Viewed 22698 By Music Producers.

      • VX30 212 BLUE Cab Pack IR
        June 29th, 2021 ⚡

        VX30 212 BLUE Cab Pack IR

        VX30 212 BLUE Cab Pack IR

        P2P | 21 April 2021 | 34 MB

        (KEMPER (KiPR) WAV)

        VX30 212 BLUE Cab Pack is based on a Vox™ AC30/6 TB loaded with the original Celestion™ Alnico Blue speakers from 1994. This was my personal amp I used on tour with Paramore and I’m thrilled to offer faithful impulse responses of one of my favorite amps. While the red exterior is rare (only 36 in the world), the tone of this amp is classic Vox™ all the way. The tone is surprisingly warm with lush low-mids and just the right amount of the signature “boxiness” these amps are known for. The top end chimes with great clarity without being abrasive even with single coil pickup equipped guitars. This pack offers 134 single mic captures between 13 mics along with 16 of York Audio’s famous multi-mic mixes. Also included in this pack are two custom signature mixes. Mix BMAY was designed to replicate tones from one of the world’s most “royal” players, and Mix EDGY was designed to replicate tones that “YOU TOO” will enjoy playing.  This cab excells at a broad range of styles such as jangly Brit Pop, ambient P&W, twangy Country, gritty Indie Rock, and a multitude of classic sounds we’ve come to know and love over the years.

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        • PRNC 110 OX LiTE (Kemper, WAV)
          May 22nd, 2021 ⚡

          PRNC 110 OX LiTE (Kemper, WAV)

          PRNC 110 OX LiTE

          P2P | 18 March 2021 | 18 MB

          (Kemper, WAV)

          The PRNC 110 OX Lite Cab Pack is based on a 1969 Fender™ Princeton-Amp loaded with the original Oxford 10” speaker. The tone is unique and diverse with a surprising amount of warm low end, gritty midrange, and a top end that goes from crunchy to glassy and everything in between. It pairs wonderfully with single coil guitars, but also sounds great with humbuckers with reduced bass settings on the amplifier. Whether you play country, P&W, indie rock, or funk, this Cab Pack has you covered. This Lite pack was captured with seven carefully curated microphones and offers 76 single mic shots as well as 14 multi-mic Mixes. With a total of 90 IRs, the PRNC 110 OX Lite gives you a great amount of tonal variety without being overwhelming.

          Viewed 26006 By Music Producers.

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