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  • Polyphylla v1.4 For MAX FOR LiVE-FLARE
    February 8th, 2022 ⚡

    Polyphylla v1.4 For MAX FOR LiVE-FLARE

    Polyphylla v1.4 M4L

    Team FLARE | 08 February 2022 | 11.4 MB

    Polyphylla is a new Max For Live instrument that makes additive synthesis accessible and fun. Aimed at electronic music producers as well as experimental composers, music educators and production novices, you’ll master it in minutes but make amazing sounds with it for years to come. Boiling a complex under-the-hood architecture down to a concise set of around 50 editable parameters, organised in a clean, clear interface, Polyphylla prioritises approachability and ease of use, without sacrificing depth or quality of results.

    Viewed 14692 By Music Producers.

    • Push-ArrangeMode v2.xx ABLETON LiVE
      December 13th, 2021 ⚡

      Push-ArrangeMode v2.xx ABLETON LiVE

      Push-ArrangeMode v2.xx M4L

      P2P | 12 December 2021 | 801 KB

      This device gives your Push its missing Arrangement Mode (plus a few extra bonuses). It doesn’t interfere with other Push’s modes, it just adds a new one. The device mainly works on a “selected track” basis. Ultimately, the main goal of this patch is to use your mouse less, because for a lot of tasks this thing actually is… quite slow. The main focus of this v2 was to add the most used keystrokes like copy/paste, but also new ones introduced in L10 (and 10.1) like switching Content/Automation modes (A) or reverse audio (R), the new Live 10.1 zooming shortcuts (H, W, Z…), better control over playback modes and many more. And of course it keeps all the good features from v1 that are natively missing in Live. It also now embeds my BiP (bounce in place) device.

      Viewed 20149 By Music Producers.

      • GranuRise v1.2.2 MAX FOR LiVE
        October 13th, 2021 ⚡

        GranuRise v1.2.2 MAX FOR LiVE

        GranuRise v1.2.2 M4L

        P2P | 13 October 2021 | 29.26 MB

        GranuRise is Max Msp and Max for Live granular synth, based on a non-conventional creative synthesis and sample modules that enables immersive sonic interaction and lets you create complex morphing sound structures intuitively.

        Viewed 18959 By Music Producers.

        • Push Hacker For MAX 4 LiVE
          September 20th, 2021 ⚡

          Push Hacker For MAX 4 LiVE

          Push Hacker MAX 4 LiVE

          Team FLARE | 02 November 2020 | 2.59 MB

          Fastlane & Soundmanufacture teamed up to design a Max for Live Device (M4L) which enables you to have a faster access to individual features & customize Push 1 or 2 inside Ableton Live for your needs. Push Hacker turns your Push 1 or 2 session and note modes into HYBRID MODES ‘Session/User mode’ or ‘Note/User mode’ It enables you to manually re-assign any of Push’s features (buttons/rotaries/pitch bend/matrix pads) to any parameters in Live (audio effects/MIDI effects/Clips/ Clips slots/Mixer/Solo buttons etc.…) whilst in ‘Note Mode’ or ‘Session Mode’ Push Hacker has been designed to address one of the most fundamental principle of live performance ‘You should avoid having to switch modes on your controller’s whilst playing live to get the spontaneous feel you’d get from an acoustic instrument’

          Viewed 10674 By Music Producers.

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