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  • GarageBand iOS Explained TUTORiAL-MAGNETRiXX
    March 23rd, 2018 ⚡
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD, TUTORiALS


    GarageBand iOS Explained TUTORiAL

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 27 MAY 2015 | 447 MB

    Apple’s GarageBand for iOS is far and away the most popular music creation app on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and Apple DAW expert Eli Krantzberg shows you how to get the most out of it! Eli will teach you How to Record, Mix, and Share your own songs using nothing but your iOS device. The first category of videos, Playing & Recording Touch Instruments, gives an overview of what GarageBand for iOS can offer. Eli guides you around the User Interface, its Windows and Instruments, and then dives into how to Record and Quantize (correct the timing) of your tracks. Moving on, you’ll see How to Build an Arrangement, Work with Multiple Songs, Smart Instruments, and How to Add Custom Chords and Apple Loops. That leads to a examples of Editing and Thickening Your Arrangement, and How to Work with Song Sections. The series then wraps up with explaining How to Add the Finishing Touches to your Project and share it. If you’ve ever wanted to go from tapping out your musical ideas on your iPhone or iPad to finishing a song and sharing it with the world, don’t miss “GarageBand iOS Explained!”

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  • edjing PRO – Music DJ Mixer v1.5.1 ANDROiD
    October 20th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD


    edjing PRO v1.5.1 ANDROiD

    P2P | 20.10.2017 | 21 MB

    Music DJ Mixer

    The world first DJ app finally releases its professional version: edjing Pro, a full featured DJ system! At last, a professional DJ software optimized for Android smartphones and tablets! All effects are unlocked – no ad – no hidden cost! edjing Pro is equipped with the brand new Sound System of edjing, the result of five years of R&D, to provide DJs with the most reliable and reactive djing solution possible on Android. This new Sound System enables accurate music frequency analysis, even more concise beatmatching and new sound effects directly coming from professional DJ hardwares. Designed by and for professional Deejays, the look and feel, as well as the ergonomic of this new digital djing solution were especially thought of to make this mixing interface the most intuitive possible. To top it off, access more than 50 million tracks thanks to a direct access to streaming sources like Deezer and SoundCloud!

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  • Learn how to Create Great Songs in GarageBand for iPad
    September 14th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD, TUTORiALS


    Learn how to Create Great Songs in GarageBand for iPad

    P2P | 14.09.2017 | 236 MB

    MP4 + PDF

    A simple step by step course enabling anyone to write a classic contemporary song using GarageBand for iPad. This songwriting course using GarageBand on the iPad is the ultimate music education resource for students of any age everywhere. Its aim is to build confidence and creativity enabling both children and adults to develop their own skills and ability in using Music Technology and express themselves creatively discovering the joy of composition and writing great songs. It’s also perfect for teachers who might be struggling to embrace technology in their classroom as it’s designed in such a way that allows both teacher and student to follow the course at home or in the classroom. Bringing together flexibility and fun in easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials, backed up with sound educational content, this course will engage and motivate students and empower teachers to use iPads in a constructive and creative way.

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  • ORG 2018 v1.1.0 UNLOCKED ANDROiD
    September 5th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD


    ORG 2018 v1.1.0 UNLOCKED ANDROiD

    P2P | 05.09.2017 | 39.95 MB

    Connect to real keyboard via usb midi, Keywords: piano, organ, guitar, flute, violin, pop, rock, jazz, music, play, record, entertainment, korg, pa3x, pa4x, sound, wave, mp3, fx, echo, midi, org 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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  • DiscDj 3D Music Player v3.0.0.1 ANDROiD
    August 29th, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD


    DiscDj 3D Music Player v3.0.0.1 ANDROiD

    P2P | 28.08.2017 | 12.57 MB

    DiscDj 3D Music Player is a music player with a super cool 3D DJ user interface in a virtual 3D world where the Dj machine is floating in the virtual area. (Supports Android 2.3+). Experience a music player in the form of a DJ where you can use it to do the DJ work in a party OR Normally play continuous music where the dj shifts songs from one turntable / deck to another without any breaks OR You can use anyone of the two turntables / decks as a normal music player. DiscDj 3D Music Player is a music player with the looks and a lot of features of a real DJ. Its hard to get precise control over it as the screens are small but hope you will enjoy the mini DJ.

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  • Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer v3.3.3 iOS
    February 3rd, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD


    Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer v3.3.3

    Widow | 03.02.2017 | JAiLBREAK | for iOS | 196.99 MB

    With built-in phrase patterns, this sequencer allows the user to intuitively create compositions in a manner that is in tune with the creative process by building up sections with phrases and using these sections to build songs. That means you can use chord progressions from songs you like and incorporate them into your original compositions. Since song information that has already been analyzed is saved in Audio Chord Assist, it can be called up almost instantly.

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  • touchAble v3.2.2 iOS
    January 23rd, 2017 ⚡
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD


    touchAble v3.2.2 iOS

    P2P | 23.01.2017 | 9.2 MB

    What’s New: You can now use a simple USB cable to connect :) Yes, you hear well a single USB cable! Of course wifi is still supported and even optimized! Access to devices in racks in racks in racks in racks in racks…..! The new Live Device Template Pack (available as an in-app purchase) provides 42 well designed layouts for nearly every device in Live. The device module can now follow the selected device in Live (Blue Hand), Devices can now be loaded to any place of a track’s device chain using the browser and drag and drop. You can now play notes with the keys of the piano roll within the MIDI Clip Editor in the scales tab. Devices can be stretched to take 3/4 of the screens real estate. Completely recoded Server. (Goodbye Java!:) From now on, the Server is running in the background as a System Service.

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