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    Music Theory Vol.1: Basic Terminology

    P2P | 24 Sep 2017 | 78.9 MB

    Understanding the Basics

    Do you want to start playing a musical instrument? Maybe you are already studying by your own or you are a self-taught person. Perhaps you are curious person and you want to understand music language better. If this is your case, this course is for you. In this course you will understand the basic elements of music language. Music as a language has its own symbols and writing rules (gramar, a way of saying), sometime we think that is not necessary or too difficult but it is not! This course will guide you in the process.

    Some of the terminology that you will learn in this course is:
    – Notes
    – Staff
    – Clef
    – Grand Staff
    – Rhythmical Figures
    – Time Signature
    – Tempo Markings
    – Dynamics
    – Major Scale

    Through very easy to follow lectures you will understand all this concepts and you will have a chance to prove yourself with the exercises that this course includes.

    Music Theory Vol.1: Basic Terminology


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