• Learn Music Production With Fl Studio TUTORiAL

    Learn Music Production With Fl Studio

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    Language: English | Duration: 10h 42m

    Master FL Studio. Transform your music ideas into FIRE BEATS. Make HITS. Who is this course for? This course is appropriate for beginners. Advanced users will also find some gems as the course covers many topics related to music production: sound design, sound selection, mixing, mastering… This course will teach you how to become a better music producer. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn music production and become a master music producer in just 30 days.,It is suitable for beginners who have little or no experience with FL Studio or any other Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and want to learn the basics of music production from scratch.,The course is also valuable for intermediate and advanced users who want to take their music production skills to the next level and learn advanced techniques for sound design, mixing, and mastering.,Whether you’re an aspiring music producer, beatmaker, songwriter, or composer, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality music in a structured and efficient manner.

    Do you feel like…
    ✓ … you do not know how to start or where to start when it comes to making music
    ✓ … you are lost searching and viewing youtube videos but still cannot find what you are looking
    ✓ … your mix sounds mushy
    ✓ … you wish you would know how to master your final song
    ✓ … you tried learning on your own but made little progress
    ✓ … you would like someone to guide you

    After watching my course, you will…
    ✓… easily lay out your song inspirations
    ✓… learn to make the music you enjoy
    ✓… save years of trial and error
    ✓… have a framework you can build on for all your future songs
    ✓…make HITS
    ✓…make Fire Beats

    What you’ll learn:
    – Confidently use FL Studio as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and apply the skills learned to other DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Ableton.
    – Create their own fire beats and transform their music ideas into professional-sounding tracks.
    – Master sound design, mixing, and mastering techniques to take their music production skills to the next level.
    – Save time and avoid years of trial and error by following a structured framework for producing music.

    – There are no specific requirements or prerequisites for taking this course.
    – Learners of all levels, including beginners, are welcome to enroll. However, to make the most out of the course, learners should have access to a computer with at least 8-16GB of RAM and a copy of FL Studio. A midi keyboard with at least 25 keys is recommended but not required.
    – The course covers the basics of FL Studio, including an overview of the interface, so learners with little or no prior experience with the software can still benefit from the course.

    Section 1: Intro
    – Lecture 1 Intro

    Section 2: Mindset
    – Lecture 2 Commitment & Consistency

    Section 3: Equipment
    – Lecture 3 What Studio Headphones Should You Get For Music Production
    – Lecture 4 Recommended Computer Configuration For Music Production
    – Lecture 5 Recommended Midi Keyboard Controller

    Section 4: FL Studio Overview
    – Lecture 6 FL Studio Interface Overview
    – Lecture 7 Navigating The FL Studio Menu

    Section 5: Midi Keyboard Controller
    – Lecture 8 Connect Your Midi Keyboard To FL Studio
    – Lecture 9 Map Your Midi Controller

    Section 6: Virtual Instruments
    – Lecture 10 My Recommended Plugin VSTs – Where To Get Them – When To Get Them
    – Lecture 11 Let’s Add A Virtual Instrument – Part 1
    – Lecture 12 Let’s Add A Virtual Instrument – Part 2

    Section 7: Build Your Tracks
    – Lecture 13 Let’s Lay Out Your First Track
    – Lecture 14 Another Option To Lay Out Your Drumz
    – Lecture 15 Your Guide To Sampling On FL Studio
    – Lecture 16 Let’s Explore The Piano Roll
    – Lecture 17 Use Midi Files To Compose A Track
    – Lecture 18 A Quick Tip To Easily Find What Scale You Are On

    Section 8: Sound Design
    – Lecture 19 Introduction To Sound Design – Part 1
    – Lecture 20 Introduction To Sound Design – Part 2
    – Lecture 21 Introduction To Sound Design – Part 3
    – Lecture 22 Introduction To Sound Design – Part 4

    Section 9: Template + Track Walkthrough
    – Lecture 23 Template Walkthrough
    – Lecture 24 Track Walkthrough

    Section 10: Mixing
    – Lecture 25 Mixing – Walkthrough Mixing Project – Part 1
    – Lecture 26 Mixing – Organizing Project Tracks – Part 2
    – Lecture 27 Mixing – Assign To Mixer – Part 3
    – Lecture 28 Mixing – Balancing Volume – Part 4
    – Lecture 29 Mixing – Equalizer Plugins Walkthrough – Part 5
    – Lecture 30 Mixing – Applying Equalizer Plugins – Part 6
    – Lecture 31 Mixing – Compression Walkthrough – Part 7
    – Lecture 32 Mixing – Adding Compression To Drumz – Part 8
    – Lecture 33 Mixing – Routing Mixer Tracks To Send Effect Tracks – Part 9
    – Lecture 34 Mixing – Adding Distortion And Delay – Part 10

    Section 11: Mastering
    – Lecture 35 Mastering – Maximus and Limiter – Part 1
    – Lecture 36 Mastering – Plugins I Use – Part 2
    – Lecture 37 Mastering – Using Metering Plugins – Part 3
    – Lecture 38 Mastering – My Mastering Process – Part 4

    Section 12: Save, Export, Archive
    – Lecture 39 Save And Export Project
    – Lecture 40 Archive Your Project

    Section 13: Bonus
    – Lecture 41 Bonus – Improve Your Keyboard Skills With Melodics

    Learn Music Production With Fl Studio TUTORiAL
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