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    Fast Songwriting in Ableton Live TUTORiAL

    CASHMERE | 27 July 2017 | 6.59 GB

    The Best Way To Write A Song In Ableton Live

    When you are working on a song it’s easy to get lost in the details of production and lose sight of what you are really trying to do: make better music. Ableton Live can help – Ableton’s flexible workflow lets you focus on what really matters. You’ll get tips on organizing your sample library, presets, and other assets so you can stay in the flow once the creative process starts. Then you’ll work through every step of songwriting process.

    To start off, Isaac will share tips on:
    – Picking a concept, genre, and bpm
    – Building out the melodic and rhythmic seeds
    – Quickly writing the foundation of the track

    He’ll also help develop your work after you’ve laid a foundation. You’ll get insights on using:
    – Core elements: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, break, pre-chorus
    – Melodic devices: call and response, passing notes, ground bass
    – Rhythmic devices: syncopation, polyrhythm, etc
    – For those times when inspiration isn’t coming, Isaac will share the strategies he uses to overcome writer’s block and help you know when a song is done. You’ll know exactly what it takes to set up an optimal workspace in Ableton and how to write a song while taking full advantage of it’s functions and features.

    Fast Songwriting in Ableton Live TUTORiAL


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