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    Sculptor Epic Risers KONTAKT

    FANTASTiC | Oct 03 2017 | 383 MB

    Rises are sounds that start low in pitch and end high in pitch and they add instant rising excitement to tracks in any genre. SCULPTOR Epic Risers starts with amazing raw rise sounds then makes your life easier by putting them in sync with your projects, adding endless variety and making them very easy to control. Many existing ‘riser’ libraries will offer either great sounds which are limited, inflexible and can’t be repeated too many times without getting stale; or a flexible but overcomplicated interface with uninspiring raw waveforms like white noise and saw tooth waves which require a lot of work for not very much in return.

    Enter SCULPTOR Epic Risers with its combination of supreme sounds, clever behind-the-scenes scripting and straightforward controls…

    •Developed for full version of Kontakt v5.6
    •Includes 254 nki presets including Guest Presets from specially selected composers
    •Thousands of raw sounds from top Hollywood trailer sound designer.
    •Flexible, simple interface offers thousands of sculpting possibilities
    •Add drama to cinematic soundtracks and video games
    •Create subtle risers that fuel nervous anticipation and unease
    •Powerful show stopping crescendos to shock and surprise your audience
    •Create engaging transitions and a rush of energy in electronic music productions
    •Stuck for inspiration? Hit the RANDOM button for infinite new options
    •Add depth and power with the SUPER button – use with care!
    •Total product size: 497MB

    Sculptor Epic Risers KONTAKT


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