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    Biomechanical DnB WAV

    P2P | 14 July 2017 | 837 MB

    Are you ready to recharge your sound arsenal and feed your creativity? We are here with ‘Biomechanical DnB’ loaded with 1.34GB of face melting loops and samples that will work with a variety of styles from hard to complex, heavy to dark and beyond! This hard hitting sample pack brings you a rare collection of instantly usable loops and samples that will blend perfectly with your production. Covering all the essentials from beefy drum hits to cone-quaking subs, growling and modulating leads to soaring melodies, distorted and sinuous basses to morphing wobbles, tension-wrenching FX to sublime pads, devastating synth-lines to ear-piercing synth shots, cone-tearing mid range screamers to wild arpeggios, ripping reese to heavyweight grooves, frantic percussions to skull smashing drum hits, dark and eerie atmospheres… everything you need to make some tearing DnB is right here..

    In detail this pack includes 210 Loops at 174bpm, 108 Oneshots and 3 Inspiration Kits (includes 3 full mix and 22 stems) if that wasn’t enough there is also bonus folder consist of 52 samples. So, you’ll have endless possibilities and combinations within your next treasure. Loops folder contains 82 Basses, 69 Drums, 34 Synths, 15 Atmos & Backgrounds and 10 FXs. Oneshots folder comes with 46 FXs and 62 Drum Hits consist of 24 Snares & Claps, 15 Kicks, 14 HiHats and 9 Cymbals to create your own sequenced beat – All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

    •395 Files
    •210 Loops
    •108 Oneshots
    •082 Basses
    •069 Drums
    •034 Synths
    •015 Atmos & Backgrounds
    •010 FXs
    •062 Drums
    •024 Snares & Claps
    •015 Kicks
    •014 HiHats
    •009 Cymbals
    •046 FXs
    •052 Bonus Samples
    •003 Inspiration Kits (incl. 22 Stems + 3 Full Mix)

    Biomechanical DnB WAV


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