• Big Fish Audio Chronic Horns Vol.2 Akai 3 Cds Magesy

    Chronic Horns Vol.2 AKAi (3 CDs)

    Team TZ7iSO | 31 March 2003 | 739.67 MB

    Chronic Horns Volume 2 breaks the bank with more of the good stuff! Here it is! Three CD’s packed with all the horn riffs and patches you need for phunkin’ and “live”ning up your tracks. The patches and group riffs are a huge five piece section of the dopest players in L.A. You get 70 section riffs and hundreds of solo trumpet, mute trumpet, trombone, baritone sax and tenor sax riffs.

    Five piece sections playing chromatic unison, swells, stabs, sustains and falls as well as triads and seventh chords in diatonic proggressions of swells, stabs, sustains and falls. Slam these into your sampler and you can get any chord you need! Your tracks are going to burn up with this! From Reggae, 70’s TV-Funk and Ska to Swing, Blues, Acid Jazz and Groovy Phunk- get your gigantic brass sound here!


    • – Unison: Stab/Swell/Sustain/Fall
    • – Major: Stab/Swell/Sustain/
    • – Minor: Stab/Swell/Sustain/
    • – Major 7: Stab/Swell/Sustain/
    • – Minor 7: Stab/Swell/Sustain/Fall
    • – Dominant 7: Stab/Swell/Sustain/Fall
    • – Diminished: Stab/Swell/Sustain/Fall
    • – Augmented: Stab/Swell/Sustain/Fall


    Reggae, TV Funk, Funk, Swing, Blues, Ska, Pyramids, Trombone, Trombone with Plunger, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Sax Solo, Baritone Sax, Happy Sax, and much more…

    “9 out of 10…a must-have CD for samplists with the horn for horns.” – Future Music


    if you want maybe you can extract it ISO/BIN AKAi FORMAT WITH::
    CDXtract v4.5 & 4.5.1 PC & MAC AiR-ArCADE
    Wlodzimierz Grabowski Extreme Sample Converter v3.6.0
    Chicken Systems Translator Pro v2.9.0.123 WiN-AiR

    Big Fish Audio Chronic Horns Vol.2 AKAi 3 CDs
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