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  • East West Silk v1.0.3 PLAY
    March 15th, 2022 ⚡

    East West Silk v1.0.3 PLAY-R2R

    East West Silk v1.0.3 PLAY

    Team R2R | 2022.01.02 | 24.82 GB

    P2P | 14 Feb 2022 | UPDATE v1.0.3 ONLY: 11.6 MB

    Effortlessly pull your listeners into the ancient world of your choosing. Produced by award-winning sounds producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Silk features a large collection of world instruments from the lands of the Silk Road: China, India, and Persia. These bowed, plucked, and wind instruments were performed by master instrumentalists who have spent years perfecting their craft and were recorded using vintage Neumann microphones at legendary EastWest Studios. Using SILK’s broad range of articulations, live-recorded legato and full phrases, you can quickly create an ensemble that sounds like it was recorded in a time and place far removed from our own.

    Viewed 16955 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • East West Ministry of Rock 2 v1.0.5 PLAY-DECiBEL

    Ministry of Rock 2 PLAY

    Team DECiBEL | 14 Jan 2022 | 57.35GB

    Ministry Of Rock 2 was put together with one goal in mind: to create a virtual (software) instrument capable of producing sounds that could actually produce a hit record or film score without any live drum, bass, or guitar overdubs. The articulations and programming were all reverse engineered from actual performances. The 57 gigabyte collection features LIVE technology that enables multi-sampled drums to sound like a live performance. Ministry Of Rock 2 guitars were recorded on Fender Jaguar, Fender Telecaster Thinline, Carvin 7 String, Baritone, Gibson Les Paul, and Schecter 7 String through Fender, Divided By Thirteen, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Bogner and Vox Amps. Samples feature round robin, hammer on and pull off legato, sliding legato and dozens of other techniques. Dual channel recordings let you pick a wicked real amp sound or use the direct signal with popular plug-ins. Ministry Of Rock 2 also includes all of the remastered content from Hardcore Bass and Hardcore Bass XP plus an all-new 5 string Musicman Stingray bass with 7000 samples and true legato. Fender, Hofner, Gibson, Silvertone, Rickenbacker, Musicman and Lakland basses were recorded through large bass rigs.

    Viewed 1435 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • East West Ghostwriter v1.0.1 PLAY-DECiBEL

    East West Ghostwriter PLAY

    Team DECiBEL | 13 January 2022 | 56.05GB


    One of the most eclectic and prolific artists in the history of progressive rock, Steven Wilson has teamed up with award-winning producer Doug Rogers to deliver you the complete toolkit for creating dramatic and terrifying soundscapes. You’ll find no shortage of Steven’s most innovative sounds which will inspire film composers, songwriters, and any musicians interested in creating an intense cinematic experience for listeners. Steven Wilson and Doug Rogers have designed a rich palette of samples immediately ready for your use. All you need to do is open Ghostwriter and acquaint yourself with this massive library of carefully crafted sounds and then you can easily take it from there.

    Viewed 613 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • East West Voices Of Passion v1.0.7 PLAY-R2R

    Voices Of Passion v1.0.7 PLAY

    Team R2R | 10 Jan 2022 | 7.33GB

    Whenever you need solo vocals as an effect rather than a traditional singer, Voices of Passion gathers the uniquely beautiful voices of female singers from around the world and makes them available to you in a single library. As a media composer tasked with depicting a sprawling landscape, a single note from one of these singers will throw it into sharp relief. You can produce an incredibly expressive performance with ornaments, vibrato, and all the subtleties you need to produce the exact soundscape for the job.

    Viewed 878 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

  • East West Goliath v1.0.10 PLAY-DECiBEL

    Goliath v1.0.10 PLAY

    Team DECiBEL | 12 January 2022 | 40.47GB | FiXED 3 PARTS


    Goliath combines many of EastWest’s best sampled instruments in one library, with the express purpose of giving you unlimited creative flexibility without switching libraries. This is an excellent fit for media composers, songwriters, and producers who need a quick grab-bag of quality instruments all in one place. You get access to instruments from a variety of other EastWest libraries, but even where there is overlap with your existing collection, it becomes even easier to use some of your favorite instruments (and layer in many new ones).

    Viewed 809 By Music Producers & DJ´s.

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