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    EVM Synth VSTi Collection WiN

    Etric Van Mayer | VSTi | WiN | 2006 | 66 MB

    Rare Synthiesizer Collection from 2000-2006.Most of them are no longer available, but this is a pretty decent and (almost) free collection that every Musician should’ve tried.I upped every Plug-in Individually, so you can choose for yourself.But watch out it’s quite a long list.

    EVM.Arkon.VRS-1.VSTi | 3.7 MB
    Arkon is a polyphonic Synthesizer Module

    EVM.Bassline.v1.3.VSTi | 2.8 MB
    EVM Bassline is a “WaveSample Bass Player”


    • * Multi-mode filter with resonance.
    • * Envelope trigger/gating.
    • * Monophonic/Duophonic mode.
    • * Adjustable glide.

    EVM.Boogaloo.Pro.3.VSTi | 2.5 MB
    Boogaloo is a polyphonic Synthesizer Module

    EVM.DvX.Vega.VSTi | 2.3 MB
    Vega is a polyphonic Synthesizer Module


    • * MSI Oscillator with 32 Waveforms.
    • * Multi-Function Event Programmer.
    • * Two Phase Inversion Filters.
    • * Self Modifying NTP Arpeggiator.
    • * Mega Voice Unison mode.
    • * Analog Wave Stability Emulation.
    • * Arpeggiator Linked Note Gate.
    • * Separate Amplifier, Filter and Modulation Envelopes.
    • * Two LFOs.
    • * Stereo Chorus, Ensemble and Flanger.
    • * Stereo BPM Synced delays.

    EVM.Geko.VSTi.EN.English.VSTi | 700 KB
    Geko is a Rare Additive Synthesizer with digital Reverb and Delay

    EVM.Grand.Piano.v1.1.VSTi | 9.4 MB
    Grand Piano is a high quality stereo acoustic grand piano with presence and velocity.

    EVM.Incubus.VSTi | 700 KB
    Capable of a vast range of sounds and incorporating the EVM Multiwave module for wide stereo effects the Incubus will generate strings, pads, lead synths and fat 6 note unison bass synths with ease.

    • – 6 Oscillator Polyphonic + 6 Oscillator Unison mode
    • – 3 Sub oscillators in split transposition mode. Mono or Poly !
    • – EVM Multiwave technology for a wide stereo spread
    • – Waves: Sine, Pulse+Pulse width, Ramp, Triangle and Noise
    • – Individual filter for each Osc with Phase variable contour frequency response
    • – 4 Stage ADSR with Filter and Osc pitch response.
    • – Filter Keyboard tracking
    • – Ultra fat 6 note Unison mode with individual Osc detuning
    • – Built in Digital Delay line
    • – Complex modulation with 2 LFO’s and multiple destinations
    • – MIDI chanel 1-16 or All
    • – Selectable pitch bend range for realtime pitch wheel control

    EVM.Inpulse.One.VSTi | 850 KB
    The EVM In-Pulse One Groove cutter is a 16 channel processor, designed to play wave files with frequency
    and timing from the VST/i Host sequencer.

    EVM.Inpulse.Four.VSTi | 850 KB
    The EVM In-Pulse Four Groove cutter is a 4 x 16 channel processor, designed to play wave files with frequency and timing from the VST/i Host sequencer. Simply load up a wave file and insert the notes you want to play into your sequencer. When triggered the In-Pulse-Four will assign a different filter response to each note as it is tracked by the channel processor. Up to 16 different settings may be used with the option to retrigger the sequence at any point from 1 to 16. This will give you access to the most popular time-bases as well as some unusual ones for syncopation. The In-Pulse-Four has very low CPU use, typically 5-7% and was designed with multiple instances in mind. By using many modules in this way it is possible to build up complex rhythmic sequences in no time. There are no effects units built into the In-Pulse Four because we all have our own ideas on F/X processing, but the use of a single slap-back delay can introduce even more ‘swing’ to the output.

    EVM.Isis.VSTi | 650 KB
    Isis is a “Multiwave Synthesizer”. Features: 2 Oscillators with 64 Waves each. Keyboard control of oscillator waves can put a different waveform under each key. Use your MIDI keyboard to dynamically switch oscillator waves AS YOU PLAY. 10 note Polyphonic. Arpeggiator.

    EVM.Isotope.v1.0.VSTi | 750 KB
    Isotope is a Performance Synthesizer / Groove sequencer / Multi-FX.


    • * 4 Oscillator Unison mode.
    • * 2 Sub oscillators in split transposition mode.
    • * 4 Stage ADSR with Filter, contour and Osc pitch response.
    • * Built in Digital Delay line.
    • * Complex modulation with 2 LFOs and multiple destinations.
    • * 16 Patch memory programs.
    • * MIDI channel 1-16 or All.
    • * 8 Channel Groove Sequencer Filter,Waves and Oscillator Cross-Mod.
    • * Pitch bend and Modulation wheels.

    EVM.Maelstrom.VSTi | 550 KB
    Maelstrom is a simple Polysynth with 2 oscillators, filter, ADSR env, modulation, etc.

    EVM.Mantra.EXi.VSTi | 660 KB
    Mantra is a simple Polysynth

    EVM.MicroSynth.VSTi | 730 KB
    MicroSynth is a creative sound design synth with 2 oscillators, a multi-mode filter and a modulation section.

    EVM.mnemonic.VSTi | 1.15 MB
    The EVM mnemonic synthesizer is an experimential device based upon a new hybrid additive oscillator. The Gemini Wave Oscillator produces two waveforms by calculating math equations in real time. Add to this the generation of 8 harmonic waves by sub-dividing the output and the result is a unique sounding synthersizer.

    EVM.Moebius.VSTi | 900 KB
    The Moebius virtual analogue synthersizer is capable of producing a large collection of different sounds from smooth analogue string pads to harsh digital synths. Incorporating a custom built reverb simulator, Chorus/Ensemble module, Phase shifter and a unique adaptation of a phrase arpeggiator the Moebius can generate sounds unlike other VSTi synthersizers.

    EVM.Neutron.VSTi | 490 KB
    Neutron Bass Synthesizer can produce some deep and cutting edge bass sounds. Two main oscillators and 1 Sub oscillator combine to cut right through the mix. The sub frequency driver enhances the lower octave (watch your speakers). Low CPU in Mono mode.

    EVM.Occam.SE.VSTi [Special Edition] | 11 MB
    Occam SE is a free dual channel wavesample synth. The orginal Occam synth got replaced by Omnicron.


    • * 2 Osc with Freq, Q and Ratio controls
    • * 13 waveforms (2x)
    • * Mod matrix (Peak, Sync, Phase)
    • * Dual Channel Stereo Enhancer wutg Time, Feedback and Level controls
    • * Modulation Rate, Level, Freq and Q controls
    • * Envelope ADSR (2x) for Env > Filter and Filter > Env
    • * Panning for both Oscs
    • * Frequency Exciter
    • * 16 presets

    EVM.Omnicron.v1.0.VSTi | 2.38 MB
    The EVM Omnicron is a pad synthersizer module designed to replace the popular EVM Occam synthersizer. Omnicron was rebuilt from the start with the objective to provide the sound combination of the Occam in a separate module and allow multiple instance stacking. This gives the Omnicron the ability to play more sounds than the Occam with similar CPU usage.

    EVM.Placebo.MD200.VSTi | 3.82 MB
    The EVM Placebo is a wavesample based rack style synthersizer. With a selection of carefully chosen wave samples and a multi-effects section it is possible to quickly create large soundscapes with a harsh lo-fi, digital quality.

    EVM.Synth.Bundle.VSTi | 11.72 MB

    Contains 7 Plugins

    • EVM.Choir.Ah/Oh
    • EVM.Church
    • EVM.Brass
    • EVM.Flute
    • EVM.NylonGuitar
    • EVM.Piano

    EVM.Gnome.VSTi.v1.0 | 1.1 MB
    The Gnome synthersizer is the latest addition to the EVM ‘Plugins for Life’ range of products. A lot of time went into the construction of this plugin with the use of techniques developed in previous software, as well as the use of some new custom DSP modules. This guide will explain the functions of the main controls and features in order to help you get the most out of Gnome. The Gnome has two oscillators, two filters, five envelope generators, four LFO’s, two digital delays, one stereo reverb simulator and a complex modulation matrix including a mouse pad XY vector controller. Each section is access by pressing the panel buttons.

    EVM.Syncoder32-2.VSTi | 1.9 MB
    32 Band Vocoder engine driving a wavesample synthiesizer.

    EVM.UltraSonique.v1.0.01.VSTi | 2.78 MB
    The EVM UltraSonique combines a polyphonic synthesizer, a wavesample player and the new Multi-Function sequence controller to produce a module capable of generating a complex mixture of sequenced sounds. Add to this a multi-effects section with an improved chorus, multi-stage phase shifter and two digital delays and the UltraSonique provides a powerfull tool for the creation of large soundscapes, intricate synth leads and custom arpeggio style sequences.

    EVM.Banks-Presets | 82 KB


    • EVM.boogaloo.ToTc
    • EVM.Incubus.ToTc.succubus
    • EVM.Isotope.ToTc.WaveStunner
    • EVM.Maelstrom.ToTc.Contourism
    • EVM.MicroSynth.ToTc.MicroBank32
    • EVM.moebius.1.TC.Tim.Conrardy
    • EVM.Occam.PB
    • EVM.Placebo.ToTc.Density
    • EVM.Vega.d-fusion
    • EVM.Vega.ToTc.factory.presets

    Get the complete EMV.VST.Collection here | 66 MB


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