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  • Pigments v2.0.0 WiN-R2R
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 25 May 2021


    Pigments v2.0.0 WiN x64

    Team R2R | 19 Jan 2020 | 270.6 MB

    (Win64; AAX, VST3, VSTi, STANDALONE)

    Pigments, a hybrid “polychrome” instrument that features hugely powerful, cutting-edge wavetable synthesis alongside award-winning virtual analog technology. After spending 20 years analyzing and emulating the best synthesizers ever made, they have now used their expertise to create an original, uniquely software synthesizer. Pigments offers exceptional sound thanks to its hugely powerful architecture and lightning-fast workflow that makes complex modulations easy, fast, and fun.


  • Metallurgy For Pigments 2-DECiBEL
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 24 May 2021

    Metallurgy For Pigments 2-DECiBEL

    Metallurgy For Pigments 2

    Team DECiBEL | 14 March 2021 | 188.3MB

    With this Soundest we set out to create the varied sounds of metal objects. From a slinky to a large oil drum. A heavy metal pan to garden utensils, various music boxes and rusty keyed instruments. We hit everything then mangled it in Pigments! As with all our pigments banks, we made extensive use of the 4 macros. So be sure to check them out. There are 62 presets in total comprising of pads and soundscapes, sequences, mallets, plucked, bass and a few one shot SFX. YOU NEED TO OWN PIGMENTS 2 FROM ARTURIA TO RUN THE PACK. The Download file is a zipped folder containing approx 490mb sample content.

  • Granular Expeditions For Pigments 2-DECiBEL
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 24 May 2021

    Granular Expeditions For Pigments 2-DECiBEL

    Granular Expeditions For Pigments 2

    Team DECiBEL | 14 March 2021 | 303.7MB

    Granular Expeditions, our debut soundest for Pigments2 synth. The inspiration for this pack came from a recording we made of an ancient Clavicord, a family heirloom. The idea was to make a pristine sounding Kontakt instrument from the samples. But we got side tracked with Covid and ended up processing and mangling it out of recognition in Pigments. Other source material included environmental sounds from our travels to the outer reaches of the west coast of Scotland and beyond, all processed and mangled into musical form. The bank includes 60 presets of sequences, hits, pads and sFX, keys and bass.

  • Sound On Sound USA July 2021 PDF
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 18 June 2021

    Sound On Sound USA July 2021 PDF

    SoS USA July 2021 PDF

    English | 172 pages | True PDF | 60 MB

    EastWest/QL Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition library [front cover] • Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core interface • Tegeler Audio Crème RC channel/remote control • ROLI LUMI Keys Studio Edition • Zoom F6 multitrack field recorder • Arturia Pigments 3 soft synth • Novation Circuit Tracks • Roland JD-800 soft synth • Universal Audio UAFX pedals • MeterPlugs Perception A|B plug-in • RME HDSPe AIO-Pro soundcard • Sonarworks SoundID Reference • SoundGym ear training site • Roland Octapad SPD-20 Pro drum controller • M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro keyboard • Mesanovic RTM10 monitors • Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back headphones • HOFA IQ-Series Reverb V2 plug-in • Isla Instruments S2400 sampler • MXL Revelation II mic • Golden Gear: Yamaha NS-1000 monitors — and plenty more!


  • V Collection 7 05.12.2020 macOS
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 8 June 2021

    V Collection 7 05.12.2020 macOS

    V Collection 7.2 macOS

    MORiA | 5 December 2020 | 10.42 GB

    …::: AU, VST, VSTi, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE :::…

    The latest edition of V Collection: their flagship anthology of reimagined historic synths and keyboards. Containing 24 software instruments and thousands of preset sounds, V Collection 7 is billed as “the must-have reference for musicians, producers, sound designers, and keyboard fans”.


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